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"If you can accept that your world is part of a Greater Community, which is simply obvious if you will look, then you must accept that the world is being influenced by the Greater Community." [1]

"In the universe, if you extend your influence, you must control that influence and you must sustain that influence. You must sustain it through technology. You must sustain it through resources. And you must sustain it through constant effort to maintain foreign establishments."[2]

Gross and Subtle Influences

"Now, there are gross influences and there are subtle influences. Initially, in the Greater Community Way of Knowledge people will want to withdraw from the gross influences. This will enable them to develop the sensitivity to comprehend and effectively engage with the subtle influences. Subtle influences include the thoughts of other people who are not in your immediate environment but with whom you are in relationship. Subtle influences include the presence of extraterrestrial life that may be in your vicinity. Perhaps this extraterrestrial presence is not affecting you directly or focusing on you at all, but its presence will exert a certain influence upon you. This influence is subtle, but this does not mean that it has no power or does not affect you." [3]

An Intervention Agenda

"Today and tomorrow and the day after, great activity is underway and will be underway to establish a network of influence over the human race by those who are visiting the world for their own purposes." [4]

Four Areas of Activity

"This extraterrestrial Intervention is being focused in four arenas
  • It is influencing individuals in positions of power and authority to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power & technology
  • It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the mental environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a 'Pacification Program'
  • It is manipulating our religious values and impulses in order to gain human allegiance to their cause
  • It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the visitors.” [5]
"The first area of activity of the visitors is to influence individuals in positions of power and authority.
Because the visitors do not want to destroy anything in the world or harm the world’s resources, they seek to gain influence over those whom they perceive to be in positions of power, within government and religion primarily. They seek contact, but only with certain individuals. They have the power to make this contact, and they have the power of persuasion. Not all of those they contact will be persuaded, but many will be. The promise of greater power, greater technology and world domination will intrigue and incite many individuals. And it is these individuals with whom the visitors will seek to establish a liaison." [6]
"The second avenue of activity" ... "is the manipulation of religious values and impulses.
Many people want to give themselves to anything they think has a greater voice and a greater power. Your visitors can project images—images of your saints, of your teachers, of angels—images that are held dear and sacred within your world. They have cultivated this ability through many, many centuries of attempting to influence each other and by learning the ways of persuasion that are practiced in many places in the Greater Community. They consider you primitive, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you."[6]
"The third area of activity" ... "is to establish the visitors’ presence in the world and to have people become used to this presence.
They want humanity to become acclimated to this very great change that is occurring in your midst—to have you become acclimated to the visitors’ physical presence and to their effect on your own Mental Environment. To serve this purpose, they will create establishments here, though not in view. These establishments will be hidden, but they will be very powerful in casting an influence on human populations that are near them."[6]
"The fourth area in which your visitors seek to establish themselves" ... "is through interbreeding.
They cannot live in your environment. They need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors."[6]


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