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Group Mind is the power of a group focusing together.

The Power of Group Mind

"The power of the mind is amplified when two or more people are focused on the same thing, particularly if they are engaged at the level of Knowledge. This has a potency that is greater than what one individual alone can produce and has a greater impact on the mental environment, which means that a Group Mind can affect other minds if the group is sufficiently focused."[1]

Group Mind Guided by Knowledge

"A Group Mind that is guided by Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within each person, has a far greater potency and depth. It can reach into situations beyond the realm of the five senses. It can affect thought and belief and even the outcome of the events."[1]

Resisting Group Mind

"Only a man or woman who is strong in the Way of Knowledge can withstand a Group Mind focus, but even they will have to have strong allies to assist them."[1]


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