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"It is the perfect time for intervention. It is the necessary time for a greater human awareness to emerge and with it a greater responsibility to the world—not just to one’s nation or one’s group or one’s religious affiliation, but to all of humanity. For if nations fail, the whole world could fail. If intervention is successful in one part of the world, it threatens the future of everyone here." [1]

"You are preparing for nations within the world to meld into each other and for cultures here to clash. The future will be strife ridden and very difficult. No longer will nations be able to mind their own business and avoid each other, for if one nation fails, others will be impacted. If one nation destroys its environment, other cultures will feel the full impact of this. Greater and greater world cooperation will be needed and required. You will not see all of this in your lifetime, for you are in the early part of the transition, but what you contribute here now will determine the quality of life for your children and for the generations to come." [2]

"The human mind is anchored in the past. It is conditioned by the past. Its reflexes are determined by the past. But now you must prepare for the future like you have never had to before. This will give you certainty and security in the present, for without preparation for the future, you live in an increasing state of anxiety, confusion and despair. In fact, you see this occurring in your societies at this time." [3]

"Your future is and will be in the Greater Community. It is not associated with the past. It is new. It is about the present and the future. The future is coming towards you, over the horizons of your life. You can see this if your vision is developed. You can feel this if you are aware of what you feel. You can gain your strength if your mind can become focused and unified." [3]

"People want to feel that nothing is going on. They want to give themselves comfort and reassurance. They want to offset their discomfort within themselves, which is actually Knowledge calling them. They would rather be happy today and tomorrow, and so they look for whatever intoxicant, ideology or reassurance that will give them that which they desire because they do not want to know. They do not want to see. And they do not want to have to act. As a result, they will be the victims of the future and not the contributors to the future, for life will overtake them and they will not be prepared. And they will be bitter and resentful that their life turned out the way it did because they thought that it should have been otherwise.

Yet has life betrayed them or have they betrayed life? Has life turned against them in its hardships or have they merely been unable to respond to it? Life marches on. Humanity has a destiny and an evolution. The world is emerging into the Greater Community. Life is not waiting for people to make up their minds. It is marching forward. The Greater Community is not waiting for people to make up their minds. It is intervening. The natural physical world is not waiting for humanity to make up its mind. It is undergoing profound change." [4]

"Your life is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. The world is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. How it will get there is up to the decisions you make today and the decisions that many others make along with you. Yet you do have a destiny, and this cannot be changed. How well you will fare in this destiny is dependent upon your development and the development of others. The world will emerge into the Greater Community. Humanity will eventually become one united society. Whether this emergence gives you your greatest opportunity for advancement or whether it enslaves your race is partially up to you. Whether humanity’s united society is a society of Wisdom, compassion and understanding that can tolerate diversity or whether it is an oppressive society with a cruel and harsh dictatorship that values control beyond all things, the outcome is up to you and up to others along with you." [5]

"There are many people in the world today who know they must prepare for something, who feel called to a greater participation, who have a sense that their life is more important than the mundane activities of the day. Some will not find their way in the religious traditions of the world because they are being prepared and called for something new in the world. They are more connected to the future than the past, and the future is calling them and pulling them forward." [6]


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