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"The mind prays for what it wants because it is afraid. It prays for what it needs because it is lacking. It believes that if there is such a thing as Knowledge, it is here to serve the mind, to give the mind what it wants or needs and to fulfill what the mind believes already. In fact, people assume that God is here to serve their mind, to validate their ideas, to fulfill their expectations, to satisfy their desires."[1]


"Those rich nations, those wealthy people, those people who have become accustomed to affluence, feeling it is not only a right but an entitlement from God and from life—they must be prepared to change the way they live, to live far more simply, to live far more equitably, for the sharing of the remaining resources will require this."[2]

Holding on to privileges

"Many people proclaim the need for change, but they want other people to change; they themselves do not want to really change. They want to hold on to their privileges and benefits and have more and lash out at anyone or anything they think will threaten their entitlements and their possessions."[3]

"Without this calling, you will simply either go into denial and try to forget and remain ignorant and foolish, or you will fight and struggle to preserve whatever entitlements you feel you have or that are still due to you. You will act out of fear and anger. You will lash out at others. You will be immensely afraid and incredibly confused. You will believe that something will save you, that there is a solution on the horizon that will make all these problems go away. You will not see and you will not know and you will not prepare."[2]


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