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"God is restoring to you your true value and purpose in the world. The world is changing, but you do not see. God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but they are different from what you do today and what you understand today." [1]

"The physical universe is but a small part of God’s Creation. But this remains for you to learn, and you have a greater journey and a destiny here. But you have to allow your mind to expand, your eyes to open and your ears to hear if you are to gain this greater preparation and understanding." [2]


"In your own deep evaluation of your life, see where you have invested yourself within the context of the Four Pillars of your life. Which of these Pillars have you built and which have you neglected? Where have you overemphasized your life, or where have you become obsessive? What have you missed?" [3]

"Do not think that you can sleep through the greatest event in human history and expect to benefit from the changing circumstances around you. And do not think that you can find peace and equanimity by trying to overlook the great times in which you live because there will be no peace and equanimity there." [4]

"When you are out in the world, you should be focused on your environment. Do not be listening to music on your headset. Do not be talking endlessly on your telephone. Do not be dreaming and imagining your mind far away from where you are. You must be watching and listening." [5]

"You cannot overlook error in order to forgive it, you cannot deny error in order to forgive it and you cannot call error by another name. You must see that error is a mistake." [6]

"Look at people living at the dawn of times of great change, at the outset of times of great change, and see the consequences for those who were aware and made preparations and the consequences for those who did not. Here history can be a great teacher, a great teacher of wisdom.

You are now living at the threshold of great change in the world. If you do not respond to this and cannot fulfill what Knowledge has given you to do, then these times will be terrifying and unsettling, and you will not be in a position to escape the difficulties, to benefit from the opportunities or to be of service to others.

This is why you must become serious about your life. You must look to your life. Stop playing games. Stop fantasizing and become engaged in life. Pay attention to what the world is telling you, but do not come to immediate conclusions. Do not look for simple answers. Do not demand solutions. For the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community are problems you will have to live with." [7]

"Sometimes people struggle and fret over meaningless decisions when neither decision is right because they are not patient enough to wait for Knowledge. Indeed, when Knowledge is ready to act, it can move you and everyone around you. It has such great potency. Yet it has such great compassion that it does not exercise its power except to preserve you. But even here its power can be denied and neglected. Recall the time you felt inner restraint when you were about to do something that you would later regret. Recall the time when you felt a nauseousness within you when you were making a decision that would prove itself to be damaging for you. Recall a time when you felt a giddy excitement over something you really wanted, but you later found out that it was empty. If you can learn to face your own experience and to question it objectively, you will begin to see that there is something with you that keeps you on a sure track. There is something living within you that is not frantic, nervous or reactive. Trust this." [8]


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"Every day men and women of good conscience are falling under persuasion that they cannot discern. It is a gradual process. But eventually they end up not even having a clue about what is happening in their lives and being hostile to any kind of correction."[9]

"People who are advocates for change often overlook the cost of change, the price of change, the impacts of change. They want the world to be different than it is, but they don’t really understand what it will take to get from here to there, from where the world is today to where the world could be in a better state."[10]

"People are conditioned to think that in order to be acceptable to God, they must basically give away what God has given them to use. 'Well, to be acceptable to God, I must be meek and mild and non-judgmental and all-embracing of everything. I will look for the good in everything.'”[9]

"People’s expectations of a spiritual life are so out of keeping with the reality of a spiritual life that for many this keeps them from even beginning the preparation. They would rather be content in their happy assumptions than to find out the truth about the situation. They do not want to think that the world isn’t so pretty, for this means they will have to do something. They will have to respond. They would rather have happier thoughts and think, 'Well, God is taking care of everything. I give it all to the Holy Spirit.' In reality, God is looking at you and saying, 'You are supposed to take care of matters down there,' and the Holy Spirit knows this and is here to empower you to do it. Why do people not understand God’s work and presence in the world? The great difference in God’s approach and people’s expectations account for part of it."[11]

"Your societies and cultures may only want you to be a pacified consumer, a pacified worker, a member of the group, a subscriber to the culture’s values and priorities. But you have a greater promise in life, a greater promise that is assured because it is part of your deeper nature. In culture, your deeper nature is forgotten and overlooked and, in some cases, denied entirely. But you cannot deny your deeper nature forever, for it lives within you beyond the reach of culture, beyond the reach of corruption and beyond the reach of manipulation and deception."[12]

Personal Engagement

"When people establish a relationship based only upon a shared sense of spiritual purpose or intention, their relationship will rarely stand. It will be prone to all kinds of practical difficulties. Often people who attempt relationship with these criteria alone will tend to deny or overlook the obstacles because they are so relieved to have finally found someone who shares their sense of spiritual purpose and destiny. So be very clear here that spiritual purpose and destiny cannot be the only criteria for participation." [13]

"Within the world, human beings tend to make great distinctions about things that are not of great importance and overlook the things that are of greater significance. The differences between people’s mannerisms, behaviors, idiosyncrasies, and conflicts are given great importance here. The greater possibility within each person, which is the presence and emergence of Knowledge, is overlooked." [14]

"Be very careful if you notice yourself wanting to talk yourself out of legitimate objections concerning your engagement in relationship with a particular person. If you find yourself wanting to overlook or deny these objections, it is time to step back and wait. This is very important. If you have a great deal of fear or anxiety about being with a person, you must pay attention to this. Do not think that you are simply being negative or fearful, but instead look at the content of your fear as objectively as you can. See if your fear is justified. You may be apprehending something that is genuinely there, or you may simply be afraid of intimacy or afraid of loss. Yet you must look to find out." [13]

"What you do not like in that person you will attempt to overlook, lessen or negate. And what you love you will attempt to inflate and magnify." [13]


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