“Who will bear witness to the Revelation?

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“Who amongst you will bear witness to the Revelation? Who amongst you is strong enough, brave enough and honest enough to do this?

For those for whom this is their destiny, it is the most important thing in their whole life. When they leave this world and return to their Spiritual Family, they will be asked, “Did you speak for the Messenger? Did you recognize the Messenger? Did you support the Messenger?

If those who oppose the Messenger come to you and say, “What do you believe? What is your position?” what will you say to this? If the Messenger is denied or ignored or vilified, what will you say to this?

Do not look for the elite or the highly respectable to risk their position to bear witness to the Revelation. Do not think that the Messenger only needs to be connected with certain powerful people, for you will be playing the Judas role here—well intentioned, perhaps, but blind to the reality of the situation.

You who seek purpose and meaning in your life must come to understand that this is what it ultimately means—that you must stand for something greater than yourself…You must stand for something greater in the face of opposition, in the face of ignorance and foolishness and rejection.

To serve the world, you must confront the world. You must have the courage to face the world and its realities. You must build the strength within yourself to do this and to provide something the world cannot provide for itself, something that is needed that is not available, something that other people cannot do or will not do. Do not defer to others here, for it is you who are being called.

The Messenger is in the world. Who will bear witness to him, based upon the strength of their recognition? Who will take chances to speak to others? Who will allow their life to be reshaped by Knowledge, allow their priorities to change naturally, allow their thinking to become uniform, powerful and penetrating?

Revelation brings both confirmation and discomfort because it requires you to change. It requires you to reconsider your life, your commitments and your activities. It is a challenge, not just a consolation.

Let there be many witnesses to the Message and the Messenger. Let there be many who can respond and receive the gift of preparation and bring it into their life with real determination and compassion.”

From Witnessing the Revelation

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