Who is visiting our world?

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There are several Collectives competing for preeminence in your world. They are competing with one another, though they are not at war. We are certain that you can think of examples of this within your own world. For example, many nations in your world could compete for the riches of a poorer country. Such competition is occurring now, and that is why the Intervention has many faces. That is why you will see many different kinds of craft hovering above your lands. You will encounter different races of beings, and it will be very confusing, and you will think, “Some are good, and some are bad. Some are here to help, and some maybe are not here to help.” But you are only guessing. And it is only your hopeful expectations that would encourage you to think that anyone that is on the surface of your world is here for your good.

Your Allies will not intrude. Your Allies will not seek to manipulate you or give you power that you cannot yet assume or give you technologies that you cannot yet use constructively. Your Allies do not seek to conquer you or to make you part of their associations. This you must choose freely. Yet that is not the threshold that you are facing now.

Before you can advance in the Greater Community, you must survive. And to survive, you must unite and protect your world from interventions such as is occurring here now. If you can secure your freedom, then Intervention will be very difficult to achieve, by legal means, at least. And you will have to become a power to be reckoned with, rather than a feeble race that is stewarding a beautiful planet.

From The Allies of Humanity Book 2

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