“Who can respond to a calling like this?”

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The Creator offers The Way of Knowledge to everyone, in one form or another. A few are ready, and most do not respond. We can assure you that the Creator does not worry about them. Everyone will respond eventually, but eventually can be a long, long way in the future. Eventually, everyone will come to terms with themselves, but this can be a long way off. Meanwhile, the world is moving forward swiftly. Greater Community forces are in the world. Humanity is facing problems on a global level. And people are adrift, lost within their own minds.

Who can respond to a calling like this? Who can face the demands and the requirements of living a life of Knowledge? If most people knew what they were facing at the outset, they would say, “Oh, I am not up for this.” But they are. They need it. It is absolutely the perfect thing that will reveal their strength by calling upon their strength. It will reveal their dedication by calling upon their dedication. It will reveal their self-trust by calling upon their self-trust. It will reveal their ability to participate effectively with others by calling upon this ability. Only a method that calls upon the Greater Power within you will restore this power to you.

Life marches on. Humanity has a destiny and an evolution. The world is emerging into the Greater Community. Life is not waiting for people to make up their minds. It is marching forward. The Greater Community is not waiting for people to make up their minds. It is intervening. The natural physical world is not waiting for humanity to make up its mind. It is undergoing profound change.

When you begin to awaken, one of the first things you realize upon awakening is your predicament. It is not a happy awakening, necessarily. Yes, it is a great relief to finally feel what you really feel and to know what you really know. Yet what you see at the beginning is your predicament, and you say, “Oh, no! Oh, my God!” You feel it, and you know it, and it is powerful. And you ask yourself, “Am I just being negative? Am I just being fearful? Or is it really like this?” It is really like this.

If you forget to pay your bills for a few years and then one day you remember that you should pay your bills, it will be quite a mess! Humanity has not been responding for a long time. When humanity realizes it must respond, it will be quite a mess. You won’t have the luxury of sitting around and thinking about what to do. You will have to do something. You will be called into action. You will be brought back into duty in life. That is good for you and good for life. And it is necessary for the future of humanity.

from Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 9

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