Which Path Will Humanity Choose?

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In a world of ever-growing population and declining resources, humanity will face a great decision, a fundamental choice in which direction to go: Do nations compete and challenge each other for the remaining resources? Do they fight and struggle over who will control these resources and who will have access to these resources?

Will the wealthy nations of the world insist that their lifestyle must be preserved and therefore enter into competition and conflict with one another further degrading the rest of the world, robbing the poorer people of the world of their own ability to sustain themselves so that some grand or indulgent lifestyle can be maintained in the wealthy nations?

If humanity chooses this path, it will enter a period of prolonged conflict and permanent decline.

But if humanity chooses a different path, recognizing the inherent dangers involved in facing these Great Waves of Change, recognizing the seriousness of their reality and the great consequences that they can have for the well-being and for the future of humanity.

Wise individuals and leaders of nations and religious institutions can recognize that divided humanity will fail in the face of the Great Waves of Change; but united humanity can chart a new course, prepare for the impacts for the Great Waves of Change and set in course the beginnings of a greater cooperation and a greater unity than humanity as a whole has ever experienced before, generated now not by religious principles or by high ethics, but by sheer necessity itself.

The above excepts are from  Preparing for the Great Wave of Change and is available exclusively on CD at New Knowledge Library.

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3 Responses to "Which Path Will Humanity Choose?"

  1. john mccarter Posted on November 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I enjoy and appreciate your messages and viewpoints. FYI, I would recommend a website for your reassurance. ” The 2012 scenario”. Therein is a lot of pertinet info and encouragement.

    • Ellen_Society Posted on November 29, 2012 at 3:36 pm

      Thank you, John McCarter, for sharing this site, “The 2012 Scenario”.

      However, the New Message does not subscribe to this idea of Ascension nor to our movement into a “Golden Age.”

      We invite you to read more deeply into what the Creator has revealed about our future. This is explained in depth on our website. What the New Message offers is a pathway and a connection to Knowledge, the deeper mind within, which can guide us through the coming turbulent times.

  2. Kenneth Heck Posted on November 30, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Non-cooperation between clans, tribes, countries or nations has characterized human history. Only in the last few centuries have a few supra-national efforts emerged such as with mailing, international law, and the United Nations and its agencies. Imposing global limits on resource consumption and reproduction will be rejected by countries where standards of living would be reduced as a consequence. We are indeed entering into a period of discontinuity which separates one age of humanity from another. It is like walking over a rickety bridge between the walls of a great chasm. Not everyone will succeed in making it over the bridge, and after a time the bridge itself will disintegrate, making it impossible to return to the former state of affairs. The aliens are giving us their answer to discontinuity problems, in addition to the traditional religions, but the bigger picture is understood by very few, if any.

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