What will call out of you your core strength?

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Despite all the appearances of this world, despite all of the activities, the indulgences and the tragedies of this world, you remain connected to God. And God has sent you into the world to serve a world in great need. That is why you are who you are. That is why you have a unique nature. That is why you have certain strengths that must used and certain weaknesses that must be recognized and managed properly. For you cannot be weak and ambivalent in the face of the Great Waves of change. They will call out of you your core strength, and you need this core strength now. You cannot be fooling around in the face of such great and immense difficulties and challenges.

Indeed, the Great Waves are converging on the world. You cannot escape them. They are profound and will be long lasting. Do you have the clarity, the sobriety and the honesty to see them clearly, to brace yourself for them emotionally and psychologically and to begin to build a foundation for yourself—a foundation created by Knowledge within you, a foundation of relationships, a foundation of activities, a foundation of wisdom—not only to be able to navigate these great challenges, but to be able to assist and to serve others?

From Chapter 1: The Great Waves of Change

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