What to Watch for in the World

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– You must become aware of situations around the world regarding the availability of food and water.

– You must become aware of changes in climate and its effects upon food production in the world and its effects upon the well-being of people in both urban and rural environments.

– You must be aware of political and economic instability and how it is manifesting within certain places.

– You must be aware of any outbreaks of pandemic illness.

– You must be aware of conflicts that continue to exist and conflicts that may emerge in the future.

When you look at the world, look for these things. Just bear witness to them and see if there are any signs.

Most people are far overdue in taking action regarding things that they have seen and known.

From: The Great Waves of Change

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on January 10, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    As I have pointed out before the period from 1915 through 1940 was far more disastrous including: weather, earthquakes, pandemic diseases plus war. Today while critical does not compare even given the mean increase in temperature.

    The progressive movement of those times was able to bring about great change. Not complete but great. In this period we have the same opportunities. However in America people are asleep at the switch and Consumerism seems to be the course of the day. Service to Self rather than to others. That seems to be the only thing which is far worse and of course the seeds of destruction will only soon follow.

    This destruction and collapse is not from any of the things the Allies right about but from a failure in the human condition: Greed and not being willing to follow the Scriptural suggestion You are your brother’s keeper and most of all Love your neighbor as you should love your self.

    It is not a invasion from the galaxy, the weather or any other thing we should fear it is a lack of Godliness and the behavior that comes from the lack of it.

    • Ellen - Society Posted on January 11, 2013 at 1:02 pm

      The New Message tells us that many other inhabited worlds have experienced such an Intervention from beyond, when they reached our same level of development. It seems to be a very common thing for worlds to overuse their resources, and then become vulnerable to colonization from other more advanced races.

      Yes, humanity has made many unwise decisions, and we will grapple with the
      very challenging impacts of those. Yet humanity also carries within it a deep inner connection to God, and if we can strengthen that connection, we will have a chance to maintain our freedom and sovereignty even as we move into a new
      world, and a new position in our corner of the galaxy.

      This is why a New Message from God has been given at this time, and why STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE, the Book of Inner Knowing,
      has been given as the pathway back to that deep connection to the Divine.

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