What Strengthens You?

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Begin the ongoing deep evaluation. It is ongoing because bringing clarity, simplicity and focus to your life is ongoing. You do not do it all at once. It is ongoing. Everything around you wants to encumber you even more with possessions, with people, with places, with opportunities, with distractions, with stimulation and so forth.

And so this discernment continues on because you must keep your life open, clear and uncluttered. Your life must be filled with people, places and things that strengthen you, that encourage you and that are symbolic that you have the strength and the responsibility to live fully in the moment and to prepare for the future in a way that is wise and effective.

Here you will have to learn to say no to many things: no even to your own mind; no to your compulsions; no to your addictions; no to those pleasures that hurt your mind and your body; no to people who want you to do what they want you to do; no to opportunities that look good, but which, at a deeper level, you cannot accept. You do this not with anger or condemnation, not with fear of rejection, but with simple honesty and simple clarity.

In the end, the great evaluation returns strength to you, connects you with Knowledge and conserves your energy.

From The Great Waves of Change, The Deep Evaluation

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