What is Serving you? What is Most Important?

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You escape the past by engaging in the present and by preparing for the future. Some aspects of your past will continue to serve you, and some aspects of your past will continue to bother you, but overall your emphasis will be on living in the moment and preparing for the future.

This engagement with life is life giving and is life restoring. Here Knowledge becomes more significant than your memories. Here the experience of clarity becomes more important than the seeming significance of your ideas or beliefs. Here your ability to see and to respond becomes ever more important for your well-being than your cherished ideas from the past. Here you are willing to sacrifice who you thought you were to allow yourself to become, over time, a greater person serving a greater purpose. Here your friends will change, your acquaintances will change, your priorities will change, your actions will change, your awareness will change—all to move you into a greater and more secure position in life.

Here you must have great compassion for others, for there will be tremendous failure and confusion all around you. Yet if you can undertake this preparation yourself, which is your destiny to do, you will have compassion for others, for you will see how difficult it really is to change your relationship with yourself and your relationship with the world. You will see how much of a focused effort this requires on your part—a sustained effort over time and through many situations. You will understand the challenge. You will see that everything in life that is meaningful is the product of commitment and consistent self application. You will see its value for you and for others. And you will become a source of strength when others’ strength seems to fail.

From: The Great Waves of Change, Chapter Three. Read more.

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