What are your deeper needs?

What are your deeper needs?

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Regardless of your circumstances or nationality or cultural heritage, there are certain questions that are fundamental to your existence here. And once certain requirements of life have been met – the basic requirements of food, clothing, shelter and security, and some psychological requirements of relationship, companionship and employment – then you come upon a greater set of needs.

While work and relationships are important, there is something more important that begins to emerge in your life. There are fundamental needs of course, but there is a deeper set of needs, needs that not only fulfill the basic requirements of life, but really establish a greater sense of purpose, meaning and destiny in your life.

The meaning, the purpose and direction of this greater purpose are established at a deeper level. This requires a kind of shift within yourself as if an invisible switch has been thrown, and all of a sudden another door has opened in your inner experience and you are entertaining things that before perhaps you only thought of intermittently or very infrequently, and now they become an abiding set of questions and concerns.

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