What are You Seeing and Hearing?

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The world itself will tell you what is coming if you know how to read it and to discern its signs and its messages. You do this without projecting any of your own thoughts or fantasies or fears. You just watch and you listen, and piece by piece, the picture comes together. But to have clarity of mind, you must be watching without coming to conclusions, without trying to tie things together, without trying to make things simple and comprehensible. Instead, like building a puzzle, you allow the pieces to emerge and to fit together.

This is called seeing. Most people do not see because they do not look with this emphasis. Impatient, they want conclusions. They want solutions. They want answers. They want to understand it right now. They want the picture to be evident right now—evident and comprehensible. They do not patiently wait and watch for the signs to tell them, allowing the picture to become clear, without their interference. This is called seeing.

It is the same with hearing. You hear certain things, but instead of drawing conclusions or having these things reinforce your current assumptions and beliefs, you let them simply reside in your mind— building. Let them instruct you instead of trying to use them to fortify your own ideas or position.

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 4

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