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The world itself will tell you what is coming if you know how to read it and to discern its signs and its messages. You do this without projecting any of your own thoughts or fantasies or fears. You just watch and you listen, and piece by piece, the picture comes together. But to have this clarity of mind, you must be watching without coming to conclusions, without trying to tie things together, without trying to make things simple and comprehensible. Instead, like building a puzzle, you allow the pieces to emerge and to fit together.

This is called seeing. Most people do not see because they do not look with this emphasis. Impatient, they want conclusions. They want solutions. They want answers. They want to understand it right now. They want the picture to be evident right now—evident and comprehensible. They do not patiently wait and watch for the signs to tell them, allowing the picture to become clear, without their interference. This is called seeing.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 3

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on April 4, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    Universal Cosmic Law: “Nothing is secret but it can be hidden from those who refuse to see”

    It is true if you watch and listen with proper discernment, lead by the Spirit of Truth & Knowledge, you can see trends developing that will in turn lead to the revelation of things to come. Watching without prejudice and preconceived notions is important. But Spiritual awareness which is moving you to look at and review certain events historical and current is of greater importance. Below are some examples:

    Prior to 911, mid late part of 2001, I was intrigued by how the Nazi regime of WWII formed the Muslim Brotherhood. My further research found that 1st the British and then the Americans enlisted and funded that organization. As I studied world events associated with the 3 entities I realized that there was a great possibility of the events that would become war in Iraq and then Afghanistan unfold. The gas and oil pipe lines projected for the region in business news articles kept popping up in my studies along with articles on how the Taliban was treating women and destroying the artifacts of in Afghanistan.

    I gathered my information from watching news shows and reading newspapers particular the New York, Washington, and L.A. Times coupled with following stories that have been reported on public radio such as the Pacifica stations. My projections saw war ahead in coming years.

    More importantly I studied the events of the Oklahoma bombing and David Kirsch’s Texas Branch Dividians tragedy. This in turn led me to the study of how things occur on anniversary dates of certain past events. I knew Muslims operated in this manner. I subsequently read an article that the anniversary date of the Sheik’s, Osama Bin Laden, spiritual guide and friend was conviction for the first world trade bombing was on September 11 of that year, 2001. Also in the news articles were reports of airplanes being used or taken over in terror acts in the past.

    My conclusions which I did not see as these events as being related: World Trade Center building being destroyed on 9/11/01. I did not contemplate the other events of that day. At the time I was preoccupied with a military hazardous removal project I was working on in my job as a licensed Private Investigator. I did project in my mind with a 100% certainty and unrelated to 911, War in Iraq (I knew this after the 1st one that another would follow one day); and War in Afghanistan.

    Also remember contrary to what you saw in the movie’s and news accounts about the finding of Osama Bin Laden and his killing there was rampant talk from; conspiracy buffs, so called psychics and remote viewers that he was dead. However this is the lesson about not being prejudiced. Way before. I think a year the American military found him, a group of California students in their studies class, think it was UCLA, said their studies found that he was most likely in Pakistan. Close to the boarder. My recollection, and I could be wrong, they named the almost exact area where he was found and killed by US Military Opp’s Unit.

    Conclusions the Allies thought for the week is “spot on” of course with my one addition Spiritual Guidance is a great help i.e. listen to that internal voice of Truth and Knowledge.

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