Recognition, Wisdom and Vision

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Many people speak of possibilities regarding the future. The future could be this; the future could be that. This may happen; that may happen.

There is endless speculation, but no vision, no Knowledge and no recognition.

But the signs are there. The world is telling you what is coming. It is warning you. It is trying to get your attention.

Do not try to bypass the power of recognition that God has placed within you that will protect you and guide you and ultimately place you in a position to be of great service to others.

While your mind, your intellect, does not know what will happen next, Knowledge within you is responding to the signs from the world and from the wisdom from God. Therefore, fundamental to your preparation is building a relationship with Knowledge, taking the steps to Knowledge and gaining access to the wisdom and the power that God has placed within you, which now, more than ever before, will be essential for your survival and success.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 3. Sign up for the free ebook at The Great Waves of Change.

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