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THE NEW MESSENGER – Chapter 7: Today We will speak on understanding the Messenger.

There are some people who will receive and welcome the idea of there being a New Message from God in the world. They see the need for this. They see how the old traditions have become fractured and contentious, both amongst themselves and within themselves. They see the religious extremism and its destructive impact on human history, and the violence that is carried out in its name, even in this world today. And they will say, “Yes, a New Message from God would be a very good thing right now.”

But even they might have a great problem acknowledging the presence of the Messenger, to have a man in their midst who was actually sent into the world for this purpose. How would they relate to this person? If this person is who the New Message says he is, then they would have to honor him and respect him and receive him, or be amongst those who would once again deny the Revelation when it is given into the world.

As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
on April 25, 2012
in Boulder, Colorado

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