Marshall Vian Summers in South America

Marshall Vian Summers presents the New Message from God and the Allies of Humanity Briefings in South America

Facebook Live from Brazil

Live again on July 21

July 20, 2019 at 3:00 PM US Mountain Time

from Marshall Vian Summers

on July 20, 2019

“I will be speaking today on the reality of UFOs, Contact and the Alien Agenda via Facebook Live at 3:00 pm Mountain USA from a conference here in Brazil. Please join me here on this page to watch live.”

Or listen to the Live Broadcast of Marshall Vian Summers’ keynote lecture in Brazil | Saturday, July 20, 2019, at 3:00 PM US Mountain Time

The live audio player above will begin broadcasting once Marshall’s presentation begins.

Follow the Messenger’s Journey

Join the Messenger and his family as they travel through Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia. Important stories, teachings, images, and videos of their experience of the people and the land are posted on the Community Site (free registration required). We welcome you to take part in this historic journey.

About the South American Trip

This year, Marshall and his family are traveling across South America to present the New Message and the Allies of Humanity Briefings for the first time to the South American people.

Across four weeks, Marshall will travel through Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia to:

  • Deliver the keynote speech at a large UFO conference near São Paulo, Brazil
  • Launch the first publication of the Allies of Humanity, Book One in Portuguese
  • Gather with students at important meetings with Marshall in Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia
  • Potentially receive the Angelic Assembly’s communication inspired by the people and the environment encountered by the Messenger

Why this is important

This journey marks an important opportunity for Marshall to present the Allies Briefings in Brazil to a large audience of up to 1500 people. In addition, he will be able to meet a number of students of the New Message for the first time in South America. 

What Marshall and his family will do

1) Marshall will give a presentation as the keynote speaker at a large event in Brazil focused on UFOs and the reality of Contact. 1500 people are registered for this event that takes place near São Paulo, Brazil: . Marshall’s keynote speech will be broadcast live on this page on July 20th at 2:30pm (US Mountain Time) so please save the date and time to listen.

2) A Brazilian publisher has published and will launch The Allies of Humanity: Book One in Portuguese at the conference. A thousand copies of Allies One in Portuguese will be available for sale at this event.






3) The Society will gift 100 copies of God Has Spoken Again in Portuguese to attendees at the event.









4) The Society will provide four revelations and a key teaching by Marshall in Portuguese to the attendees over the three-day event. Among these are the first 50 Steps of Steps to Knowledge, as well as the revelation: The Alien Agenda and the Pacification Program, which has never before been released in any language. Please click here to view the important revelations and information that will be given to those attending.

5) Marshall and his family will host three free gatherings for Spanish-speaking Students of the New Message and the Allies Briefings in:

  • Santiago, Chile
  • La Paz, Bolivia
  • Bogota, Colombia

Students are invited to register for these important meetings with Marshall here, which will be translated into Spanish. The Society will also have over 50 copies of The Allies of Humanity, Book One and God Has Spoken Again in Spanish to be given to students at these three scheduled meetings and to others whom Marshall meets along the way.

6) Marshall will travel to Chile, Bolivia and Colombia to possibly receive new Revelations in one or more of these countries.


Why we need your support

This journey will send four people across the continent of South America over a 4-week period. And it will be an expensive journey. Monetary funds are needed to accomplish these many goals and to ensure Marshall’s safety and health while on the road. 

And yet this expense is worth it knowing the value it will bring to those who have the rare opportunity to learn about the Allies Briefings and the New Message directly from Marshall. And it will also be valuable because Marshall, the Messenger of God’s New Message, will come to better know the South American people, their countries and to understand their unique needs, challenges and opportunities in facing a New World Reality.

With the publication of The New World, on July 1, 2019, this journey is an especially timely one for Marshall and his family to experience the power and the calling of these times and understand how the gift of the New Message can reach and support people in the future.

Your financial support makes this journey possible.


Thank you

Your support enables Marshall Vian Summers, his family and The Society to undertake this journey to reach the people of South America.