Today I will feel the power of God

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God’s power is so complete and so inclusive that it infuses everything.

Only those minds that are separated and lost in valuing their own thoughts can possibly be separated from the great benevolence of God.

Those who have responded to God become God’s Messengers in time so that they may bestow the gifts of Grace upon those who remain behind in confusion.

All the seeming powers of your world—the forces of nature, the inevitability of your death, the ever present threat of illness, loss and destruction and all appearances of conflict— are all temporary movements in the great stillness of God.

It is this great stillness that calls you to return to the peace and full enjoyment of God, but you must prepare.

Steps to Knowledge, Step 40.

This week in the Free School of the New Message we take the opportunity to rest in the “great stillness of God.” We go to it each day, enter it, rest there and allow oneself to be with the still and abiding presence of God.

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  1. Shannon Langdon Posted on December 2, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    I am moving at my own pace and am happy to find that as I make my way through The New Message, I can finally feel a peace within myself as I rest in quietness… this is a very special time. thank you! Shannon

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