To Climb the Mountain You Must Keep Going

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You may be having a wide variety of experiences studying The Greater Community Way of Knowledge and your practice keeps you anchored and focused. One day you may feel this way; another day you may feel that way. But both days you practice. This assures that you will continue onward and progress.

Like walking across the long footbridge, if you keep taking steps and keep focused on your goal, you will reach the other side and you will spare yourself much anxiety and aggravation. This is how you surpass self-doubt; this is how you continue forward and transcend those things that obstructed you previously.

Practice is a gift that gives itself every day. It renews you every day. It reinforces you every day. On some days you will understand and appreciate it; on other days you will not understand it and won’t know whether you should appreciate it at all. But the fact that you continue will guarantee your progress.

If you are prepared to climb the mountain, then you must keep going. Even if it gets hard or confusing, you must keep going. And, as you proceed, many of your expectations will prove to be wrong, and you will need to establish new expectations and new evaluations.

Knowledge is a great mountain. You climb it slowly, and you learn to live at its higher altitudes. You cannot simply run up this mountain eagerly. You must progress in such a way that you can integrate all of the steps of learning as you go. This requires an extremely wise form of preparation.

From Wisdom from the Greater Community, Vol. II, Chapter 11 – Spiritual Practice. To read, study and practice “Living the Sacred Life” more deeply, join the Free School.

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