Three Questions about God

Three Questions about God

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The Messenger gathered on November 16, 2013 with 81 people from around the world in an online chat room. Three questions about God were asked. This is what happened.

Three Questions about GodThree Questions about God – First Question to consider: What does this new understanding of God free me FROM?

MaryL-USA: This New God understanding frees me from carrying the burden and pain of judgments towards self, others and the world. Forgive myself and all who did not honor God in the eyes of the world, the sinners are freed from their prison…this is healing and though it will take time to relearn and retrain my self-images it is already working…

Mike-USA: I feel as if freed from some great burden… as if a deep deep cleansing has washed over me…

Stella-USA: The new understanding of God frees me from trying to control my environment. I am reminded not be afraid, I am not alone.

Douglas-USA: Well, for one thing, it’s going to be really hard to scare the hell out of anybody anymore!

Patti-Canada: It frees me from wearing a mask in the world. I can be who I am, frees me from a condemning God.

Joyanne-Canada: It frees me from feeling that I have to defend my old concepts of the Creator.

Adrien-France: It frees me from a dead-like spirituality. God is still sending his Messenger to the world and has always been. It frees me from the old idea of the world. I can rediscover its history through this new prism, and thanks to it I feel linked with religious people from everywhere.

Ed-USA: The new understanding of God frees me from fear of the E.T. Intervention.

Paul-USA: It raises my sense of self-responsibility and maturity.

Jenna-USA: I am free from the fear of death and fear that errors I make will condemn my life.

BMS-Morocco: It means that we are tiny in all creation of GOD, and we must develop the relationship with entire greater community in the universe, but before, we must study the Steps to Knowledge who allow us to do it with success.

Mark-USA: Free from anger, free from guilty feelings of anger towards the old idea of God.

David-Canada: This new understanding frees us from the inability to experience God as it really is, which is a God of all universes—a God beyond absolute definition.

Alison-USA: Since I did not believe in God before, my version of Old God was me, attempting control. Working on freeing from this as I accept that a God that big is present.

Jeanne-USA: I am free to not fear my death.

Debbie-USA: It frees me from a form of ambivalence, thinking that God will come back and save us and the world or that God will take care of things for me. I must grow up and take responsibility and gain confidence and courage to do what I was sent here to do.

Dariel-USA: I feel freed from the perspective of God that says it is a punishing God. What is present in the New God is a huge love for humanity and all of creation–so huge that we are given this New Revelation and a means to prepare for the Greater Community.

Kristina-USA: Yesterday I was reading the Relationships & Higher Purpose, Chapter 1, and what struck me was this sentence: “You cannot go further with anyone or anything than you can go with God.” We as kids should be taught that, not that we should have a boyfriend or girlfriend by a certain age and sex.

Jan-USA: Frees me from the condemning humans who pretend to be God!

Kelvin-USA: Frees me from suffering. My capacity to experience relationships and affinity with people, places and the world is a direct translation of my desire and capacity to experience God, my primary relationship.

MaryS-USA: Frees me from what others might call “free-floating guilt”—the feeling of needing to be somewhere doing something but not knowing what it is … there is someplace I need to be and something I need to be doing.

Jeanne-USA: I have a different outlook on life, able to let go of the past.

Douglas-USA: The fear of death is a source of lifelong suffering. Ending the fear of death is a big deal.

Greg-UK: It has freed me from an inability to love god in the past because of the perceived injustices alleged to be caused by the old god – the New God is in accordance with science as well as spirituality. So it has freed me from condemnation of God.

Rudy-USA: The new understanding of God frees me from the reward system, that if you do good deeds, you will be rewarded by going to Heaven, and if you do bad deeds, you will go to hell. This never made sense to me, and the New God frees me from this broken system and enables me to be present, reclaim Knowledge, do the necessary work and contribute the gifts that are meant to be given to a world in need. In this process, I begin to make my return Home.

Maurice-Canada: If we are to change the world, we all have to be on the same page of understanding; otherwise, we create mayhem! The reason things are going so badly with the environment and finances everywhere is because something was set in motion that created a chain reaction. Can it be stopped? Probably not! So the only solution is to advocate for Knowledge, which will help us cope with everything that the Revelations are exposing.

Dariel-USA: I see the fear of death everywhere now. This frees me from this fear in a way that makes it possible for me to then engage and participate on a whole new level.

Sasha-USA: freedom from separation from others based on religion, race, nationality and even biological form.

Paul-USA: It takes away a powerful tool used by governments and others to motivate people in the name of God…as a way to take people to war, as a way to bless one country (and not others).

Gina-USA: My reaction to the old idea of God was to be rebellious and try to be “smarter” than the small religious ideas I was given. Now, instead of being against, I can be for something—for humanity, for life, for joining. This New God allows me a relationship with what is natural, what is true and what I have wanted all along.

MaryL-USA: Frees me from the impossible ambition or desire to return to God as an individual, on my own efforts and actions. I look to others now – to those I am meant to have a relationship with and to see what God has put in them that is true…our common connection…and not the petty differences and personalities that tend to separate us and that I use to judge or compare ourselves.

Jansett-USA: We are now freed from a human God with attributes of the worst parts of us, making ourselves victims and puppets, to find the New God, so incomprehensibly vast and yet innate, enabling us to yield and do our part.

Adria-Poland: It frees me from having to prove myself to be worthy—it gives me freedom to be truly me and to have faith in expressing my true self/Knowledge. It frees me from fear of going astray.

Sally-USA: This awareness of the New God in a sense frees me from my LACK of responsibility. I cannot simply turn to a symbol or someone else to solve the dilemmas I and the rest of the world face.

Mark-USA: Being for the Divine Presence rather than against the old God idea is huge.

Sasha-USA: The New God gives promise to the future, beyond the coming crises…

Stella-USA: “Your experience of intimacy with anyone or anything directly reflects your desire and capacity to experience God” from Relationships and Higher Purpose.

Jenna-USA: Free to look to our common connection instead of our differences. It can make all the difference in communicating with others.

Tyyne-USA: Freedom from separation, from isolation, from feeling different and alone in a world that didn’t seem to be a good fit. There is the freedom, the possibility for right relationship now, with others, with the world, with God, with the universe in which we live.

Dominic-UK: The new understanding of God frees me from uncertainty. It frees me from the admonitions of those who thought they understood God and God’s Will.

Jan-USA: The new God gives us a greater and wiser use of our capacities.

Thomas-USA: Freedom from trying to do everything and be everything. Freedom from fads, diets, extremisms, idealism.

Jenna-USA: The feeling of the old God who never speaks again, instead of an intelligent and living God was separating me from my faith. Now I can embrace and understand more fully the more I open my heart and my desire to know the truth.

Stéphan-Canada: It frees me from my destructive behaviour, teaching me to serve instead of fighting.

Tyyne-USA: Yes, freedom from destructive behavior… destructive behavior that is so prominent in the world at large in so many ways. One by one, we make the changes that will impact the world, change the world, move us forward. Your freedom is my freedom and someone else’s freedom.

Thomas-USA: Freedom from theology. Freedom from a God philosophy into what is real and transferable.

Jeanne-USA: frees me to accept the world as it is & work with Knowledge.

Daniel-UK: The old god was an imaginary God for a few people. The New God is the Real God for all Peoples.

Kelton-USA: The New God frees me from the constant struggle to create my life. I don’t have to be perfect for God to express through me.

Douglas-USA: The New God is seeking a new humanity, one that’s a little more grown up.

MaryS-USA: Freedom from judging those still belaboring under old god notions; freedom to listen for what they do know; freedom to listen for an opening for knowledge.

Rudy-USA: There was a Baptist pastor who wanted me to be saved and accept Jesus Christ as the savior for my sins and who said that I would go to Heaven regardless of what else I did because I had accepted JC. Then I asked, “What happens if I accept JC and do harm to others vs a person who does not accept and does good for humanity?” His response was that I will still go to Heaven and the other person wouldn’t. For me, that was the version of a human God, and I needed something deeper, something more real, that I could accept and allow it to move me more powerfully. The New God has the potential to do this for me.

Dariel-USA: This God is truly a God of all people and races and dimensions. No one is excluded–all are included.

Thomas-USA: Freedom from trying to squeeze some kind of epiphany out of life, some kind of fame, some kind of happiness.

MaryL-USA: I now have a way to be in the world instead of wanting to escape or hide…I want to live now and give my contribution before leaving for my Ancient Home. I want to support others too as my “calling depends on the development of others.”

Kristina-USA: If you experience true affinity, happiness or inclusion, you are experiencing God! How different is this from catholic teachings. The religious institutions were created only to build capacity and desire to experience God. As a child, I used to feel that while walking back home from the church.

BMS-Morocco: But for us Muslims, the understanding of the ancient God has made blocking of mind. The Muslim people can’t accept the new idea of the new understanding of a New Message from God, therefor the New God.

Jeanne-USA: We are not here for what we believe. We are here to be of service.

Mariska-Netherlands: The new God frees us from conflict regarding God.

Thomas-USA: Freedom from intractable questions of what “spirituality” means into an actual Spiritual Pillar.

Gina-USA: The New God frees me from being a slave to the mental environment. The New God asks me to look, to see, to know, and to act in accordance. This raises up the individual, empowers and enlivens me. And to develop in this way, God has sent the preparation Steps to Knowledge. To paraphrase from the Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume 1, you can’t be a crumb and go to God.

Sasha-USA: Freedom from uncertainty and anxiety about what to do in this world, how to engage with it and prepare for / address what is coming. Freedom from my misunderstanding of myself and my immersion in the separation.

Ed-USA: The New Message from God verifies what I have sensed for many years. Humankind’s limited vision has produced limited understandings over the millennia. None of them are adequate to command my undivided attention and respect. The NMFG frees us all from the limitations of time-bound institutions, and their time, space, and culturally bound perceptions of God. With the new God, we are freed of the anthropomorphic conceptualization of God that has clouded our true understanding, appreciation, and expression of God’s Will.

Three Questions about God – Second Question: What does this new understanding of God free me FOR?

Alison-USA: It frees me to free others.

Mark-USA: This New God teaching is giving water to so many thirsty souls here. So good to see. Imagine the millions who are thirsty like us, waiting to feel the truth of God.

Mellany-UK: God’s first purpose is to unburden us—to become our True Self. In this, we are free to serve others, do the Greater work and contribute to the fulfillment of God’s Plan.

Ellen-USA: The New God frees me to hold a greater vision of God—a God of the entire universe and more!

Jan-USA: Frees me to not accept myself as a half-light version…to knowing why I am here at this time!

MaryL-USA: I know I forget, I return to separation, to my self-imposed prison because my capacity, my trust is weak, underdeveloped. The past is familiar though painful. The new experience is at once beautiful and frightening for it IS new, unknown and mysterious. I am afraid of change, of letting go of the past. I return to old ways, old thoughts and old ideas. It will take diligence, consistency and practice to hack away the thicket, the jungle weeds of my thoughts…I must exert a greater authority over my mind and thoughts.

Jansett-USA: This new understanding of God frees me for the purpose I came here to fulfill. Literally…freed from all the distractions that separation presents continually. Frees me to engage with Knowledge and do what is to be done instead of wallowing in the lower mind’s meanderings of worry and regret.

Stella-USA: It frees me so that i may discover my purpose…so that I may discern and find the relationships that are right for me and my journey.

EllenRose-USA: It frees me to feel at home in the world, to give, to work, knowing that i am not separate from God—I am always connected through Knowledge and through relationship.

BMS-Morocco: The new message tells us where we come from, what our purpose for coming now in this time in Earth, and where we go after we dead, and who we will met.

Dominic-UK: Self-forgiveness and a greater experience of relationships.

Thomas-USA: When a person brings New God into the world, it clarifies all that it encounters. So it frees me for living what I know, which is what essentially I can give and others can receive.

Jan-USA: Wallowing is done!

Paul-USA: Frees me for the purpose I must find and fulfill, and frees me from the bonds that I must break.

Hyeonam-Korea: God frees me to contribute to the world.

Maurice-Canada: It has freed me from unrighteous dominion, finally!

Ken-USA: It frees me to pursue “relationship with yourself, your relationship with your physical body and your mind, your relationship with others, your relationship with nature and with other living things in the world, your relationship with the world itself and your relationship with the Greater Community of worlds in the universe around you.” (from Relationships and Higher Purpose)

Selma-UK: The old god was a universal intelligence & didn’t write books. The New God has a Mind, Will & Purpose and does write books through the Angelic Assembly…This frees me to know about and follow Knowledge.

Niko-Paris: Frees me to explore the universe.

Kristina-USA: New God is for freedom of humanity. Because people have to be free of old ideas in order to enter the Greater Community.

Michael-USA: Frees me to become honest with myself.

Myrna-USA: It frees me to see the world as it is and accept others as they are with no condemnation or judgment.

Ed-USA: Frees me to become one with the universe.

Stella-USA: It frees me to receive so that I can give.

Jenna-USA: It frees me for a new hierarchy of myself—for my Spirit to command my mind and body to serve my True Self. Frees me for a new and meaningful life to step in, as I am more and more unburdened and free to experience Knowledge.

Ed-USA: Frees us for successful entry into the Greater Community.

Cray-USA: Nothing worth doing was every accomplished without hard work, sacrifice, diligence & practice. For me it’s practice: falling away from practice & always returning to practice & letting go of preference. It seems like it would be beautiful, but the racket & cruel tyrant of the personal mind sometimes wishes to only see frightened. I too must exert greater authority over the personal mind, to go somewhere new.

Thomas-USA: Freed to recognize the utter influence I already have and that I am meant to have in life.

Gina-USA: The new understanding of God frees me to receive power AND responsibility.

MaryL-USA: Frees me to be who I truly am so I can be in true relationships of purpose, to contribute to the world. To be self-accepting and accepting others in a genuine honest way.

Niko-Paris: The old God is a God of my “world”, which humanity has now explored sufficiently. In comes the New God, which frees us to explore the universe/ space/ beyond our world.

Dariel-USA: It frees me to be able to see the beings beneath the actions–without judgment. It frees me to see all of us doing our best in a separated world that runs by the laws of this separation. How else can we behave until we have this New God understanding?

Adria-Poland: New God frees me to claim my responsibilities, my purpose.

Sally-USA: “Personal freedom is valuable only in that it gives you this opportunity to find Knowledge.” (Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I) Once I stray away from this, unfailing obstacles arise.

Jorge-Spain: Frees us to find the truth of our lives.

BMS-Morocco: Frees me to not believe but to experience the relationship with God.

Dan-USA: I’m free to accept that separation was my choice, not God’s. The old Gods “did this to us.” The New God is undoing our predicament.

Maureen-USA: The old God is about belief. The New God can be experienced.

Sasha-USA: It frees us to return to our true nature and manifest this in the world.

Mike-USA: It frees me to be open to an entirely new reality about what God is, what my purpose is.

Jenna-USA: Freedom to claim that responsibility and remember my True Self, couldn’t wait to get back into the world and try again.

Douglas-USA: What are we getting free to? To be our true selves, selves which aren’t apart from life.

Joyanne-Canada: There was no Old God. It was humanity’s understanding or concept of God that was incorrect. This Revelation is to show humanity the reality of God, and the universe and What God Is.. A greater understanding of God. So the New God needs now to be brought to humanity’s awareness so that their experience of God can be greater and greater. It has been the way of the world to go to a God of their imaginations.

Alison-USA: It frees me to look for the experience of God in my life. I know it didn’t begin only when I opened my first Wisdom book. The larger God—that God that loved me and sent me teachers—was there while I was proclaiming there was no God.

Greg-UK: I am now free to see just how much the world NEEDS Knowledge—it is demonstrated to us all every day.

Three Questions about God – Now the Third Question: Why do I fear this responsibility? What will be asked of me?

Adria-Poland: I fear this responsibility because I don’t know what will be asked of me.

Jeanne-USA: I forget that I am not alone, and fear that I cannot accomplish what is asked of me!

Dariel-USA: I fear the level of participation that will be asked of me. Can I step up to this? Am I capable of this? Do I have any other choice—knowing what I know of this?

Jenna-USA: I fear this responsibility because I know it will be continually challenging and mysterious. Continually going into life not knowing what Knowledge will ask of me. But that is what I am here for. This is the only way to feel fulfillment in this world. So I must look at my fears, and see them as small problems, small obstacles, for what can the world do to me, an eternal being?

Ellen-USA: What must I give up, to take on this responsibility? Will I be able to do what is asked of me?

Gina-USA: I have feared things I can’t control. My mind’s version of the future–me alone, no assistance vs the real version of now and the future–I am not alone. My Teachers are with me.

Jansett-USA: This is why we must diligently follow our Steps practice so that Knowledge can prevail.

BMS-Morocco: I don’t fear it, I must take it with iron hand, and share it with entire world. It’s great message, we must share it, no care about the rest.

Paul-USA: Why do I fear this responsibility? What will be asked of me? Maybe some fear that I will not be able to complete what is asked of me. Or that I will miss the timing of the request, like a train leaving the station without me.

Stella-USA: I fear this responsibility because it is mysterious, because it has no definitions, my mind can’t comprehend it and make sense of it, there are no immediate answers….it needs patience, determination, self-control, trust. I don’t know what will be asked of me, but I know that I must trust Knowledge and give myself to it.

Kelton -USA: When the Unseen Ones say God’s first job is to unburden us, I ask myself, what is my burden? My web of thoughts are my burden. Give your thoughts to God. Allow your thoughts to be. Stillness is with you now.

Niko-Paris: Do you have an alternative to this responsibility that you “do know” will work? That’s what I ask myself sometimes; I often see that the answer is simply “no”, and I have to continue assuming this responsibility.

Carol-USA: What can the world do to any of us if we are aligned with Knowledge, which is immune to manipulation, corruption, etc.?

Mariska-Netherlands: We are so used to our old life, our personal mind is still trying to dominate and we are in transition. We are gradually getting used to the responsibility to participate in life and become stable and strong to be able to give/contribute.

Eddie-USA: I must give up everything that keeps me from being a stable person in the world.

Stéphan-Canada: I must give up the fantasies my mind is creating and focus on the reality of the New Message.

Adria-Poland: To know that Knowledge is with me, as are the Teachers, and with them, with cooperation, everything that God has prepared for me can be done.

MaryL-USA: Fear and Responsibility…because I am fearful and weak without the greater strength of Knowledge. So when I am in my personal mind, I feel that I cannot do this. To go against the current movement of the world requires inner strength and power. No matter how much I try to become stronger, “alone I can do nothing,” so I need to be able to be available for these relationships of purpose, of destiny.

Darlene-USA: A question I live with daily: How can I carry this responsibility? How can I be a clearer conduit, vessel for this new freedom and vision of this New God which has given me so much and which I know I must lead others to? Steps to Knowledge was given to us for this purpose. How to build capacity for what Steps is trying to teach us?

Michael-USA: Our fears are just so conditioned and habitual … the Steps to Knowledge will take us beyond this … we can ONLY PRACTICE and Life is Practice … this helps me face my fears and confront them … just gotta get ’em out of the mental environment … time and practice … and getting on the Sacred Saturday Chats … antidote to fear … yes?

Dominic-UK: Sometimes I shy away from the responsibility due to unforgiveness over things that have happened in the past.

Paul-USA: The Great Waves of change and the Greater Community may remove some of these burdens, clearing the way to follow the Path of Knowledge.

Reed-USA: May we continue to hold these fears as the small obstacles they are, and not let them prevent us from participating at this time, in this life, disabling us. Facing such mystery and unknown is a great strain on the mind, a test for each of us, but Knowledge is greater and will take us through the gauntlet, if we proceed.

Alison-USA: What is the benefit to holding onto separation? To attempt to keep my identity and relationships definable by my thoughts? To have everything in its right place? To do only the familiar and hope it works yet again? This does not stretch capacity. I may fear sometimes, but I also crave the responsibility. It is redeeming. Now I know what that word really feels like.

Adrien-France: I fear it because it asks me to be very aware of whom I am related with. I cannot follow people like I used to do. I feel separated from the crowd and that is frightening me.

Daniel-UK: Knowledge lives within the Mystery, so it is beyond any form of manipulation or control by any Being/s on any level. I take comfort in this.

Greg-UK: I do not fear that I will fail in what is asked of me because it would not be asked of me if I were not able to do it. So I just have to rise to the occasion with confidence, and trust the Teachers each and every time.

Douglas-USA: You want to help the world? Do the next Step.

Mellany-UK: You/we are capable of much more than we think we are, because we are not who/what we think we are. Knowledge came here for these times, and can do everything that must be done.

Alison-USA: The people asking you to hold responsibility are expressing a need for you to move forward. You know this.

Myrna-Puerto Rico: I know now that if I don’t accomplish my job here, I will have to come again and I will be very eager to return to do what I have to do, because I failed to deliver.

Adrien-France: I’m afraid to meet the next turning point.

Thomas-USA: At a point, this attempt to “get stronger” becomes a kind of depravity when it is the power of relationship that moves things forward.

Stéphan-Canada: Mieux vaut seul que mal accompagné… Rien qu’en économie de temps et d’énergie. (Better alone than bad companions; saving time and energy)

Sasha-USA: Afraid to give up my views and habits about myself, about the world, what the world is there for.

Daniel-UK: The New Message from God definitely draws the Greater Best parts of a person out of them to be given freely to the world for the good of all.

Douglas-USA: There something in one of the Steps about how our specific calling will be within our capabilities.

Niko-Paris: Sometimes, I noticed myself trying to get myself in situations where I could be deceived, delude myself or physically harmed: and behind it was this fear of assuming a responsibility with no certain outcome (insecurity). The logical mind can be very unreasonable when influenced by fear. Having everything in the right (safe) place: that’s a problem with giving, where I caught myself trying to define where my gifts would go, instead of just giving them when it was finally possible. And then the window of opportunity passed; and here I am still with them, carrying them.

Rudy-USA: “Who you associate with in this life will determine what you know and what you will follow within you” Marshall Vian Summers-The power of Relationships of Purpose and Destiny. We need these Relationships!

Reed-USA: Everyone, these fears we all share as students of the New God. Living The Way of Knowledge speaks of a place of experience it calls “The Wilderness”—the space between thinking and knowing, an area we must each traverse. If you have a chance, read pages 72 to 76 in Living The Way, the teaching on The Wilderness. It is in this wilderness that we seek out Knowledge, that we find it and bond to it, and that we find our God connection and begin to open ourselves to it. This is an essential stretch of road in the Journey. Many of you are there already…

MaryL-USA: With the messages and practices, I can see the steep mountain that stands before me so the mind will immediately become anxious and fearful, but I know I just need to see the step ahead of me that is mine to do. Taking the small but important step ahead of me will allay those thoughts. That is what Steps to Knowledge and hourly practices do for me. Keep me focused on the present while preparing me for the future.

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