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This greater life into which you are emerging…

This greater life into which you are emerging…

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You live within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. It is vast, encompassing the entire spectrum of evolution—the evolution of technology, the evolution of societies and the evolution of spiritual awareness and ethics. It is vast and incomprehensible. It is the greater environment into which humanity is now emerging. Humanity is emerging into this environment not from its brief forays into your local solar system, but from visitations that are occurring in the world now and which will increase in the future.

This greater environment into which you are emerging is a physical reality governed by physical laws, the laws of nature that you are aware of. Do not concern yourselves here with the possibilities of other dimensions, for that will not be your need and concern. It is this greater reality in which humanity has always lived and in which your world has always existed that must become your focal point now.

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