The Voice of Revelation

The Voice of Revelation

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April 14th, 2011

It was an early Thursday morning in April when I got up from bed and found Marshall out of sorts. He said he was awoken very suddenly and intensely. “It was like having all the lights turned on at once when sound asleep.” He paused for a moment. “It’s too much pressure,” he said, indicating a sense of great weight upon him.

Marshall arose and immediately set out to prepare himself. I hurried downstairs knowing how uncomfortable any delay can be when the Presence is bearing down upon him to speak. I made some tea to soothe his throat. I added honey and lemon. I wanted him to have this on hand, not knowing how long this next revelation-event would last.

I hurried upstairs to find him sitting in the chair across from our bed. He had settled down into an extremely quiet state. I sat down across from him and within minutes the Voice began, “Today we will speak of The Voice of the Revelation….”

Some minutes later I found myself in some kind of suspended state. I had lost consciousness and the Voice had ceased. I looked over to see Marshall with his head in his hands. He stayed like this five long minutes.

Then suddenly he looked up to me and said, “That was big.” He bowed his head again and remained this way for quite some time.

I asked Marshall if he would like to say anything about what just happened.

“I was awoken abruptly this morning  around 5:30 AM. At first I felt very resistant to my calling to respond. Unable to get back to sleep feeling this powerful Presence focused upon me, I did get up and got ready quickly. I wanted to be able to record this before Patricia had to go to work so she could be here with me in the room, I find her presence with me is really important.

I had no idea of the message itself. I just got ready as quickly as possible. It just began. Once the recorders were set up, it just began. And (pause) it was all about The Voice and why The Voice is being revealed to people. To learn of The Voice is to learn about  the process of Revelation. That Humanity as a whole has reached a stage in its evolution where it must learn of these things if it is to understand what spirituality really means and the significance of the New Revelation itself. I think that this in part may be to counterpoint our existing beliefs and notions which even for people who are not religious, they still have fixed religious beliefs and notions. These are just as ingrained in our culture and our outlook on life, just absorbed from the environment around us.

This Revelation presents things that are very different than our assumptions, and reveals for the first time the nature of revelation and how it takes place, allowing the listener, you, to be a part of that. You see, the gift of the Creator is also to receive this revelation and how it occurs. It is a voice such as this that spoke to Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, to the prophets of all time and all places.

We can deal with this for the first time.

So the Voice of the Revelation then reveals itself, speaks of its purpose and its process and gives us a greater vantage point from which to see these things, and to reconsider the existing beliefs and notions that may still be limiting our perception. I feel grateful for this teaching. It is part of a greater education and a greater preparation for us to face the new world we are living in, a world that is different from the world we have known in the past, to prepare us for our emergence into a greater community of intelligent life in the Universe, bring us wisdom and Knowledge from the Universe so that we can prepare. Human wisdom and knowledge is not going to prepare us for life in the Universe, not completely. So I feel honored and burdened to bring this to you. I feel a great pressure on my shoulders. Time is of the essence. There is not a lot of time to bring this into the world. It must be given to enough people before events get too tumultuous, and too overwhelming.

I call upon everyone who can receive this, truly receive this, to share this responsibility with me of bringing the New Revelation as far and wide as possible. Each person who can receive this will give greater assurance to the future and freedom of humanity. The New  Revelation explains why this is so. I am grateful for this opportunity to share these thoughts with you. May the Presence of the Teachers be with us. Nasi Novare Coram. This is the language of the inner world. The language that we have forgotten.”

Right after Marshall finished saying these things I had to jump up and get ready for work. Against all my desires, I had to leave him.