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THE NEW MESSENGER – Chapter 6: To bring a New Message from God in the world requires a person who is uniquely designed for this greater mission, a person whose origin and destiny are distinct from everyone around him, a person whose preparation even before coming into this world is unique and very focalized. This is the person who will have to meet great expectations, the expectations of Heaven itself.

In order for this to be achieved, this individual will have to meet certain requirements and pass certain tests. For when anyone enters the world, they enter the world of influences. They enter a world of difficulty—a world of survival, a world of social acceptance, a world of challenges, a world where you will be unknown and unrecognized, except perhaps in a certain way by your family. But even here your greater purpose and mission will, in almost all cases, be unknown even to those who raise you and who grow up with you.

As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
on December 7, 2012
in Boulder, Colorado

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Author: jeanine