The Reality of the Messenger

The Reality of the Messenger

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He is partly one of Us and partly one of you. He has to maintain both realities and be the shepherd to lead people up the mountain that is their mountain to climb.

Is he as great as the great Emissaries of the past? Only time and circumstance will tell. He will not proclaim this himself, you see, because the ambitious are never chosen. Those who seek self-glorification are never given greater roles to play or greater Messages for humanity. Only those who are reluctant and honest and self-reflective would ever be chosen for such a high and significant role.

For there is only one Messenger in the world, and this Messenger will be the Messenger for this time and the times to come. No one else asserting this for themselves can bring the Revelation. No one else can travel the journey that the Messenger has had to travel.

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