The Prophecy of the Greater Community

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If you are honest with yourself, you must come to see that you do not know what is beyond the borders of this world, and that hopeful expectations can be extremely blinding. You must be prepared for anything and everything, just as you must be prepared for anything and everything functioning in this world—in human relationships and through the activities of life itself.

To be free, you must be strong. To be strong, your mind must be clear. You must see clearly. You must hear the truth. You must be objective about your life and circumstances. You must look upon the world not with grievance or avoidance, but with compassion, patience and determination. If you are to forge the groundwork for a new future here, to play your small but important part here, then you must have this approach.

Accept this gift of love and revelation. It brings with it great responsibility, but also great strength and great promise.

You are not living yet the life you were meant to live because your life is not engaged with the Greater Reality that lives within you and all around you. For humanity, this is a great turning point. And for you, it is a great turning point.

People of the world must awaken to the Greater Community and to the condition of the world they live in. You must learn of your greater strength and greater wisdom that God has placed within you to guide you, to prepare you and to protect you.

God has spoken again. It is for the greatest purpose to meet the greatest set of needs.

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