The Process of Revelation in all worlds

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In the history of this world and all worlds, the process of Revelation is the same. An individual is selected and sent into the world. When they reach a certain stage in their development and maturity, they are called out of normal circumstances, called to a great rendezvous, a great encounter with the Angelic Presence that oversees that particular world.

Then they are called into a greater service and prepared for a greater service, preparing to bring something new and revolutionary into the world. This is not merely a refinement of past understandings or past beliefs. It is something really new and revolutionary. It is not merely an improvement or an enhancement or a new perspective on something that has already been provided and is well established. It is a new threshold.

You have the opportunity to witness the Revelation, the process of Revelation, the clarification of the Revelation and the meaning of the Revelation for your life and for the whole world. For this is a Message for the whole world, not just for one tribe or one people or one nation or one region. It is not a revision of what has been given before. It is not a reaction to what has been given before. It is not adjunct to any teaching or theology that exists in the world. It is something new and revolutionary. It represents a great threshold and a great challenge for the human family.

From Living at a Time of Revelation

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  1. Camilo Herrera Posted on September 26, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Mr. Summers seems a decent, honest and sincere man, but I’ve serious doubts about his message and his new God. Perhaps you can help me to understand better. Why a new God? all of a sudden the old God is not good any longer?

    I don’t like at all that the alleged fact that we live in a universe of bullies, where you have to be on the look out in order to survive. Do you mean to tell me that there is no such a thing as a universe where harmony, sovereignty and honor and respect for others exist? that if we believe that advanced civilizations would be interested in helping us to progress we are deluded? If that is the case, I definitely would not like to live in that reality at all.

    I prefer to delude myself and believe that there is hope, that there are beings (anywhere) in a more advanced stated of consciousness that are able and willing to help us (guide us) out of this current chaos we’ve created, and that some time in the near future we can live in a cosmic community of advanced consciousness, in peace and harmony, not on the look out in order not to get screwed by other more advanced technologically. The future you describe is dark and undesirable.

    Please help me to understand better. Thanks

    • Ellen Posted on September 27, 2012 at 10:47 am


      Thank you for writing us with your thoughts, doubts and concerns. Those are very natural, and we welcome them. The New Message is handing us a new perspective on almost everything, so of course it takes time to comprehend it all. I invite you to give yourself that time.

      We’ll address your major concern here. We hear your desire to understand better.

      God is the same God, of course, but now, because of the Revelation that
      Marshall Vian Summers is bringing in, we have a greater understanding of what God is. We have therefore used the term : “The New God.” In reality, it is the same God, but
      Marshall is bringing in the awareness that God is the Creator of the entire universe, much of which is inhabited. In that sense, the “Old God” ( the God of our former understanding) was a God for humanity alone, for we truly believed that
      we were alone in the Universe. Now our vision must expand.
      You can read more here:
      I do believe that reading this special Teaching on the New God will answer most of your questions.

      Ellen Mitchell
      For The Society

  2. sam Posted on September 26, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    No mention of incoming planet Nibiru and the resultant damage to our earth.No mention of the demonic inhabitants of that planet.We are weak,but not stupid.

    • Ellen Posted on September 27, 2012 at 10:55 am

      The New Message does not subscribe to the planet Niburu theory.
      Nor do the Allies of Humanity mention this, in their Briefings to the human family.

      Ellen Mitchell
      For The Society

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