The Process of Revelation

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For the first time in the history of this world, you are able to witness the process of Revelation. Aided with modern technology, the whole process is being recorded so there can be no mistake in future interpretations, as has been so often the case in the past.

It is not merely the Revelation that is significant. It is the process of Revelation itself—to be able to hear the Voice, so similar to that which spoke to the Jesus, the Buddha and the Muhammad and many other great Teachers, both known and unrecognized in the history of this world. This is a unique opportunity and a profound education that can clarify many errors in religious thinking and cast all of God’s previous Revelations in a new and much clearer light.

In the history of this world and all worlds, the process of Revelation is the same. An individual is selected and sent into the world. When they reach a certain stage in their development and maturity, they are called out of normal circumstances, called to a great rendezvous, a great encounter with the Angelic Presence that oversees that particular world.

Then they are called into a greater service and prepared for a greater service, preparing to bring something new and revolutionary into the world. This is not merely a refinement of past understandings or past beliefs. It is something really new and revolutionary. It is not merely an improvement or an enhancement or a new perspective on something that has already been provided and is well established. It is a new threshold.

Passage from Living at a Time of Revelation.

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  1. Jory Piccinino Posted on February 11, 2014 at 7:57 am

    I believe that my experience with spirit is guiding me in the same direction, brother. We are the result of billions of years of the unfolding of consciousness, the perfect creation of divine will. We are destined for greatness, and the meek are to inherit the Earth. I believe that in my generation, indeed in a moment quickly becoming now, transparency and clarity into other dimensions previously hidden by our limits, are becoming clear to us. Our eternal power is being made manifest, and all things made new. Thank you for your work, and support of mine. My blog is in the process of becoming a website that will be the hub of my story. If it is the truth, our stories will connect in a meaningful way.

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