The Preparation

The Preparation

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The preparation begins with what you see in the world and what you are aware of within yourself. As you proceed, the preparation strengthens your ability to be perceptive, resourceful and wise in responding to changing and unpredictable circumstances.

If you can recognize the reality and the power of the Great Waves to impact your life, this will naturally begin a long process of re-evaluation regarding how you live, where you live, your use of resources, the strength or weakness of your relationships in helping you to prepare and the direction your life really needs to follow.

There are two minds within you: a worldly mind that is shaped by the prevailing beliefs and attitudes of families and culture and a deeper, more powerful mind that is free from these influences. Which voice within you, you choose to respond to and follow, will make all the difference in your ability to see, to know and to act wisely when others seem unable or unwilling to do so.

Just being worried and concerned is not enough. Just being aware of the problem is not enough. You must be prepared to act—not hastily, not compulsively, not in a panic, but carrying out the steps in your preparation.

The Great Waves of Change

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