“The one relationship that is your beginning & final resting place”

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It is now necessary for you to think about your relationship with God. Ask yourself: “Do I love God? Do I trust God? Does God love me? Does God trust me? Is God lovable and trustworthy? Am I lovable and trustworthy? Do I deserve to have God? Does God deserve to have me? Have I blamed God for what has happened in my life?” This examination will begin to give you an understanding of how you relate to other people and your ability to be in intimate relationship with anyone or anything.

Your experience of intimacy with anyone or anything directly reflects your desire and capacity to experience God. For what is real intimacy but the ability to experience affinity? What is affinity but the ability to join your life and mind with others? Your success in marriage, in your business affairs and in maintaining your personal health are all directly related to your experience of God. You cannot go further with anyone or anything than you can go with God.

If your experience of God is concealed by idealism or wishful thinking, so will be your relationships with others and with the world. If your trust of God is partial or non-existent, then your trust of other people and your trust of life will be the same. If your affection for God is restrained by your condemnation of the world, your affection towards other people will be restrained by your condemnation of their behavior. This is why you must consider your relationship with God before you consider any other relationship. God is your primary relationship.


from Relationships & Higher Purpose, Chapter 1

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