The New Message on Heaven & Hell

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“Think of Heaven as where you have come from and think of Hell as where you have been sent to serve—to help reclaim the separated, to support their reassociation with Knowledge within themselves and to create a world where Knowledge is more evident than it is today, where inspiration is more evident than it is today, where harmony and cooperation are more evident than they are today. It is like you have come from Heaven, carrying a brick. And the brick is part of the foundation for a greater and more complete and more genuine reality here.”

“What is Hell? Hell is separation. Hell is being disconnected from God. And this disconnection can lead to deeper and deeper states of fear, anger and depression.”

“These are not ancient times. You are not asked to be like sheep. You are asked to rise to the occasion, to take the Steps to Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to reshape your life and reveal to you your greater destiny. This is the Will of Heaven, and this now must become the intention of humanity.

“There is no Judgment Day where if you failed in one life, you go to everlasting Hell. This is a purely human invention. But the consequences of not finding your purpose and trying to live without it are very real and are evident every day in your thinking, in your demeanor, your behavior and your experience. Without this purpose, you are living a kind of Hell—a Hell that is beautiful, but a Hell where you can never be happy, where you are never really at ease with yourself because you have not been honoring your deeper nature…God does not condemn. God only attracts and employs. The whole notion of Hell is humanity’s attempt to punish those that it cannot accept and use God as the punisher. It is to exact revenge. It is a tool of the intellect to punish other intellects, or to force them to believe, to coerce them to believe in acceptance and consensus.”

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