The nature, reality and purpose of the Human family

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Your education about the Greater Community must come from God. It must come from God to be pure and to be wholly beneficial for you. And it must come from God because only God knows fully the nature, the reality and the purpose of the human family. No foreign power or race could really know this, even if they studied your behavior and your transmissions. The communication must come from God, and that is exactly what is happening.
The teachings that you are about to read concerning the reality and the spirituality of the Greater Community come from God, for there is no one in the world who could know the things that will be presented here. And there is no foreign power in the universe who could communicate what humanity really needs with thoroughness and complete knowledge of human nature, purpose and reality.

Accept then that God has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity, both to face the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and to prepare for the reality and spirituality of life in the universe and all of its difficulties and hidden opportunities.

This is an education that you cannot give yourself. It is an education that you could not receive in any university or center of learning in the world. It is a communication that you must listen to with your heart as well as your mind. Your mind will be confused by many things that are presented here, and many of your ideas will be challenged and shown to be incorrect or inadequate. Your mind may reject this great teaching and preparation. It may object for reasons both rational and irrational because your mind does not know the mind of God. Your mind only has fixed notions about life in the universe. Yet it has not experienced life in the universe.

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One Response to "The nature, reality and purpose of the Human family"

  1. MOHAMED SAID BERRADA Posted on July 20, 2012 at 5:24 am

    Dear readers,
    I would share with you my expérience, it’s wonderfull, in the beginning since 2007, i have found the révélation great but i have little doubt, i forget to tell you that I’m muslim, and I practice since I have 10 years old, when I read more and more the new message, I found that he tell us about the truth .
    Since I was very young, in my self I know, that in the univers, there are many life, like in earth, and after when I begun adult I made some research in the books, and after in the holly Coran, I found in there that all of time we have been visting by the extraterrestre, and we have had contact with them, and in the Coran God tell us that he made others création in the univers, who he only know it different the angel like humain.
    And I made more research in the internet, and there you can find testmony, of many famoust personnality.
    I believe, that Mr Marshall Vian Summers, is an prophet and messager of God, even in the holly coran he tell us that our prophet Mohammed (salla laho alaihi wassalam) he was the last one, but God he made all what he want.
    All things who tell us about it, Mr Marshall Vian Summers, i believed in it, and I have studdy the steps of Knowledge, it’s great expériences, in those steps our Prophet Mohammed (salla laho alaihi wassalam), he taught us, and it was he’s behavior.

    God bless every humain in the universe.