The Messenger’s Vigil

Join the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers for a three-day broadcast event, where he will be speaking to people around the world and holding vigil for humanity—for our collective preparation for the great change coming to the world and for the discovery of Knowledge, the spiritual intelligence that lives within each person, which holds the key to who they are and why they are here.

Hear the Messenger present his most important teachings for the world and be a part of this world message as a student and witness and as a contributor in the discussions to follow.

At 9:00 AM MST each day, the Messenger will offer a teaching for the world streamed to YouTube and Facebook and the Community Site. These will be followed by Worldwide Community discussions each day at 5:00 PM MST (registration required).

Friday, January 22: The Great Turning Point for Humanity

Saturday, January 23: Entering a New Reality: World Change, Alien Contact and a New Experience of God

Sunday, January 24: The Arrival of a New Message from God 


If you feel inspired to share a testimonial of your experience of what the Messenger and Message means to you, your life and the world, please fill out the Testimonials Form. Note that text, audio and video Testimonials will be shared with the Messenger and some may be read/played during the evening Vigil events.

Check Boulder, CO time here.