The Messenger’s Prayer

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That my prayers

May have power and efficacy

In the world and in the mental environment around me

And in the mental environment beyond my awareness.


That this power that we have

May move through me

And through others

And not be discounted

In the face of danger, doubt or uncertainty.


That this time before us

May be a Time of Reckoning

A time to realize that

We are living in a Time of Revelation

And that the world is moving

The Great Waves of Change are moving the world

Even as we sit here


It is not merely

A future possibility.

It is a current reality.


That this time may be valued

As a precious resource

Not to be wasted for anyone or anything

Not to be wasted on relationships

That have no promise or no direction.


That this time may be used

To gain a deeper recognition

Of purpose and direction

For each of us.


That the blessings

That people utter in their prayers

May have power and efficacy

May dissuade all peoples

From making the unwise and damaging choices for them.


That the world will be

The initiator of our Calling

That which calls out of us

That which we cannot yield ourselves

Upon our own.


That the world will reveal to you

Why you are here and what you must give

Beyond your ideas, your ambitions and your fear.


That this time may be a time of deep reckoning

For growing numbers of people

That they may see that their life

Is here for a purpose

And that they have the power

To impact the world

One person at a time.


That the world will teach us

What we must do

To preserve the human family

And to preserve this world as a livable place

A place with a future

And a destiny.


For the New Message

That it may speak beyond the realm of ideas

And into the deeper hearts of people.


That my words

And its words

May have this power

To evoke a deeper response

And a deeper recognition.


That the New Message

Will call to those

Who are meant to be its recipients

Its students

And its representatives.


That the New Message

Will become recognized

In the world

In time to have

Its true impact here

To yield

Its power and its grace.


That the New Message

Will be comprehended and studied

Sincerely, patiently

By growing numbers of people

So that its wisdom

May be bestowed

Upon the human family

That stands at the edge of great peril.


That the New Message may speak

To religious leaders

And to the devoted students of many traditions

So that they may see

That it is here to bless them

And to expand their understanding

And to give new impetus to

Their inner life

And their true religious impulses.


That the New Message

Will remain pure

Beyond what I can possibly control

Or recommend

And that its purity

May be recognized as a Great Gift

From the Creator of All Life.


For the People of the New Revelation

That they may recognize that

That is who and what they are

And that this time in history and this moment

Has given to them

This recognition

This blessing

And this responsibility.


That they may follow

The deeper voice

And not be a victim

To their weakness

And their fear

Their doubt

And their prejudice.


That they will recognize

That so much of the future

Is upon them

The New Message from God itself

Rests upon their dedication

Their sincerity

And their self-honesty.


That they may respond

And prepare patiently,

For the journey

Is a great one

And cannot be ascertained

At the outset.


And I would like to pray

For the Messenger

That he may have

The strength

And the courage

And the assistance

To bring this Message

Into the world

To navigate the difficulties

That will surely arise

Regarding this

That those who are called to assist him

Will respond

For he alone cannot undertake

Such a great mission.


That he will be recognized

As a simple man

And not given greater status than this

Except that he is the Messenger

And that he alone has brought

A New Message from God

Into the world,

For this is how all the Great Messages

Are revealed to humanity

And to all worlds

In the universe.


That you

Will recognize him

And value your relationship with him

And see

That it is a remarkable thing

That you could know him

In his time on earth

And that you

In the future

Will tell others

About your relationship with him

And what being with him

Meant to you

And that you will represent him


And honestly

And truthfully.

Without embellishment

And without harsh criticism.


That the Messenger

Will reach those

Who are meant to receive

The New Message

And those

Who are meant to

Assist him in this mission

That they may be called out of

Their former life and

Into a greater responsibility

And a greater relationship

And destiny.


For these things

For myself

And for the world

For the people of the world and

The People of the New Revelation.

I dedicate myself to this prayer

To following it

And serving it

And being its representative

To the best of my abilities.

The Messenger

Must have Witnesses

And the New Message

Must be witnessed

By increasing numbers of people

For this is how a New Revelation

Is brought into the world.

It is based upon the courage

And the sincerity

And the recognition

Of people

From many walks of life

Many nations

And faith traditions.

May the Voice of the New Message

And the Voice of the Messenger

And your voice as well

Be able to be

The bridge into the world

A world that is waiting to hear

A New Revelation

A world that must hear

A New Revelation.

The Power and the Presence

That has restored me

Is within you

And within those

Who are waiting

To hear from you.

For I call upon you

To be a representative

And to bear witness to

The New Message.

I call upon you

To speak

From your own experience

And to represent the Power

That has brought you

This far

And that will carry you

Further still.

May the Power and Presence

Bless us

And may we be with it

So that we may feel this Power

And this Blessing

In our lives.




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6 Responses to "The Messenger’s Prayer"

  1. peacecircle360 Posted on March 29, 2012 at 1:54 am

    I pray that we all will all wake up, shed our fears, and listen to what Marshall is communicating. Do not rely on what others are telling you or what the media tells you is the ‘truth’. Let go of fear and look and see what is really going on. The government, the news which is controlled by the government, and your friends; most of whom get their information from the news, are directly or inadvertently not looking out for your or humanity’s best interest. It only takes a few people to wake up and get the ball rolling in the correct direction. In order for us to reach that critical mass, we must be still and know that we can not change our past, But if we don’t learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it. Love and forgive yourself. Take care of you, your family, and your true friends. This mindset is essential to give the human race what it needs to take the next step through the madness that we consider reality. Blessed be…

  2. julieta aliawan Posted on April 13, 2012 at 11:41 pm


    • musho Posted on July 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm

      I am so blessed with this site i want to thank you so much for wtniirg the words of love that i can only feel and not speak! My little girl is three and i pray with all my heart she doesn’t stray from the path she is brought up in thank you for your blog .you are a blessing to me!

  3. Darlene Posted on April 14, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Yes, so true, Julieta. And that experience is available to us when we are present to it.
    Listen to this to feel this love:

  4. Dian Posted on July 6, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I was very disappointed. I had tried to tune in about 5 mieutns till 7, and I waited and waited for my computer to load it, but it never was able. Is there any chance you recorded the vespers and could post it as one of your videos, or just the sound if there’s that. Thanks.

  5. Society Posted on August 7, 2012 at 11:26 am

    The Messenger’s Prayer can be listened to from this page:
    You will see mention of the prayer to the right on a side-bar near the photo of Marshall.