The Messenger is partly one of us and partly one of you.

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“For Marshall to be able to become the Messenger, he would have to have a foot in both worlds—a foot in the real world of human interactions, human relationships and the difficulties and complexities of relations between nations…He would have to have a foot in the Mystery, deeply anchored there so that the challenges and the temptations of the future would not take him out of his role and purpose. Who in the world can understand these things? Who in the world has ever met the Messenger or can comprehend the mystery and the power of his presence in the world?


“He is partly one of Us and partly one of you. He has to maintain both realities and be the shepherd to lead people up the mountain that is their mountain to climb.


“The Messenger is facing a monumental task. He alone cannot bring the Revelation into the world. It will require the participation, the contribution and the communication of many others who can assist him in this way.


“You will see that the Messenger will be judged. He will be condemned. Others will make it their purpose to destroy him. Learn the lessons from the past in this regard. He is not simply here to sacrifice himself so that other people can create a story about him. He has his own story—a story of the Messenger, a story he is too humble to speak of, a story that must be revealed to all who can hear and understand.


“Be careful then in how you approach this rare and significant individual. Be careful regarding your expectations, your beliefs, your preconceived ideas, your judgments and your grievances. For these can all blind you to who he is and to what he can offer to you and to the whole world.”


“May the Blessing be with him. The Power and the Presence is with him. He is fallible. He is not perfect. He will face many difficulties. It is what is in him and with him and through him that is perfect. His life is a vehicle for this, as your life is a vehicle for something important as well. But he is the seed of a greater future for humanity, a new understanding of your existence within a Greater Community of life and of the great turning point that humanity is now beginning to undergo.”


from The Story of the Messenger

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