As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
on January 1, 1989
in Albany, New York

About this Text

What you are reading in this text is the transcription of the original voice of the Angelic Assembly as it spoke through the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers.

Here, the original communication of God, which exists beyond words, is translated into human language and understanding by the Angelic Assembly who watch over the world. The Assembly then delivers God’s Message through the Messenger, whereafter it is transcribed and made available to you and to all people.

In this remarkable process, the Voice of Revelation is speaking anew. The Word and the Sound are in the world. May you be the recipient of this gift of Revelation and may you be open to receive its unique Message for you and for your life.

Relationships and Higher Purpose
Volume 2 > Relationships and Higher Purpose > Chapter 4

Thus far We have spoken of Knowledge. We have given it the greatest value. Let Us now speak of it directly.

We must approach Knowledge from different vantage points because it is very great and expresses itself in many ways. You must then have an idea of its reality and its function as well.

Knowledge is your true Self, your true Being, your true existence beyond the physical and the mental. It is the part of you that is still part of God. And yet it is the part of you that is extending itself into your mental and physical life, which is the realm of thinking and doing. And yet Knowledge has a function, and in that it represents spiritual power through inner guidance. You carry this within you though you do not own it.

Knowledge within you is joined with Knowledge in others, so there is no separate Knowledge. There is no “your” Knowledge and “my” Knowledge. There may be your evaluation versus my evaluation. There may be your comprehension versus my comprehension.

But Knowledge itself is entirely uniform in all individuals, for this is the part of people that is already intrinsically and totally joined. It has a function because it has a purpose in the world. But beyond this function, it is pure experience, eternal and complete.

Through your Knowledge come all means for spiritual advancement, mental development and physical accomplishment because your Knowledge has purpose. It is the greater mind that speaks through your individual mind. And yet you are part of this, for it is your true Self, but it is not a Self that is apart from other Selves.

Therefore, in no way think that your higher Self is a separate Self. For Knowledge within you is joined with Knowledge in your Spiritual Teachers, who exist beyond the physical. It exists in potentiality in all minds in the world. As minds begin to awaken, their Knowledge is awakened and becomes far more active.

This is the essence of your inner guidance. And though you may receive messages from your Spiritual Teachers, it is your Knowledge that will guide you, for your Teachers speak to your mind, but your Knowledge exists within you already. For even in the separate state of the world, even in your own imagination, which can completely conceal you from life and conceal life from you, your Knowledge is with you.

You can only have genuine relationship with that with which you are truly joined. That is why you cannot have a genuine relationship with your ideas, your imaginings or anything you attempt to establish in the world to serve them, for what is unreal cannot be established and maintained. And the attempt to establish it and maintain it will engender all form of suffering, sacrifice and cost.

You who are used to suffering and sacrifice may first respond to this Teaching with that anxiety. But if you will receive but a small part of what We are preparing for you, you will learn quickly that you are immediately empowered, immediately confirmed, by what We are offering.

Your ideas may not be empowered and confirmed, your assumptions may be challenged, your engagements may be brought into question, but the very heart of you will begin to glow. And as it glows, it will permeate you. Then you will realize that you are not alone and that, in the universe of infinite objects, you are known.

Before thinking, there was Knowledge. After thinking, there will be Knowledge. Do not think that thinking then is useless. It is absolutely necessary because you have a mind. To think that thinking is useless would be like saying that moving your body is useless. You have a body; therefore, it must learn to move in a constructive way. You have a mind that must learn to think in a constructive way because you are living in a physical and mental reality.

Yet a Greater Reality of which you are a part wishes to express itself through you in the world that you may experience your own greatness and the greatness of others, and that you may extend the experience of Spiritual Family while you are in the world, that you may experience your Ancient Home while you are in the world and thus spark to awaken all minds that are still asleep.

This then is the mystery of Knowledge, for the ultimate contribution of one person to another is that one person’s Knowledge ignites another’s. Mysterious this is, beyond the comprehension of human thought. And yet, this is what gives human thought all its value, its purpose, meaning and direction. This is what gives human endeavor all purpose, meaning and direction. This is what makes temporary accomplishments have permanent value. This is what reclaims relationships in the universe.

As your Knowledge begins to be discerned, accepted and becomes a source of inner guidance for you, it will become ever more powerful, making it more and more difficult for you to make a mistake. As it becomes more powerful, it will stimulate other minds to open to Knowledge within themselves. This is the most immediate and natural form of teaching, though other forms of teaching are necessary to prepare for this, for minds must be prepared and bodies must be prepared for Knowledge.

You do not actually have a relationship with Knowledge because you yourself are Knowledge itself. But We are speaking of a “you” that you have not experienced yet, though you may have had momentary glimpses into the greatness of your inner life.

You could not be in the world and have a prolonged experience of Knowledge, but you do not need a prolonged experience of Knowledge. You only need to abide with Knowledge. For Knowledge has such power and magnitude that if it were prolonged in your experience, you would be unable to function in the physical.

That is why you are afraid of your Knowledge. You are also afraid of your Knowledge for you feel that it would undermine your plans and schemes, and preferred outcomes and preferred relationships, when in actuality it will only adjust everything to bring about harmony and happiness for you.

You must abide with Knowledge, and periodically you will experience its power. But as you abide with it, its influence will be cast upon you, and you will feel increasingly certain in what to do, where to go, who to be with, what to express, what to restrain, what to give, what to hold back, when to go, when to stop. And this will be natural knowing for you, for this natural knowing is an outward manifestation of Knowledge extending its influence upon your mind and through your mind upon your body.

All great actions then represent this. All great thinking represents this. All great contribution represents this.

Why does someone’s action last to inspire people generations beyond that person’s life? Why do a person’s words remain beyond their life span to inspire and encourage those who come later? Because they are imbued with Knowledge. Why does one person’s contribution continue to nourish life for years and years and years? Because it is imbued with Knowledge. Why do certain relationships end up being a source of provision, nourishment and inspiration for others? Because that relationship is imbued with Knowledge.

As your mind becomes more simple and direct, and therefore more powerful, Knowledge begins to shine through, for it is the Light you carry within you.

Knowledge thinks, but it does not think like your mind. It does not argue. It does not compare. It does not draw contrasts. It does not speculate. It does not imagine. It is quiet, and when it thinks, it knows. And when it knows, it acts.

Thus, it is in a state of peace and activity all at once, which is a state that you will have the opportunity to achieve while you are in the world. Its peace has no bottom, no end. It is fathomless. Its ability to inspire powerful action is without parallel in the world. Its ability to encourage creative or productive thinking is also without a second in the world.

Your experience of Knowledge is your experience of God. And it will arise within your relationships, for your relationships will prepare you for Knowledge if you are engaged with them properly. Your relationships are where you will see the effect and impact of your Knowledge, which is Knowledge itself.

As with relationships and all the other arenas that We have addressed thus far, you have many ideas about Knowledge—most of which are useless, some of which are dangerous. That is because experience has been replaced with ideas or idealism. We wish then to relieve you of your ideas if they are an impediment and to encourage those ideas that support you in the reclamation of your Knowledge.

Because Knowledge is the essence of all true accomplishment, happiness and relationship, it is therefore essential for you to reclaim. Here you have no option but to remain in confusion and uncertainty. Here your choices are limited and therefore very powerful and consequential. Here your choices are limited, and therefore you are in a position to choose with power and authority.

Only your Knowledge knows God. Only your Knowledge can be known by you. Your ideas can encourage you to move towards Knowledge, or they can discourage you and take you away from Knowledge. But they are not Knowledge itself.

There is no idea in the world that can contain Knowledge, but Knowledge contains all ideas of true benefit and value. You who seem so small in the world carry such a great possibility, carry such a great potency.

This is why We emphasize Spiritual Family, for Spiritual Family can ignite Knowledge in one another and therefore provide the context for true initiation into spiritual awareness and power.

If you could but see how essential this is for your happiness and well-being, you would in no way restrain yourself from the reclamation of Knowledge. For Knowledge cares for you, loves you and protects you; guides you towards proper engagement, steers you away from divisive or inappropriate engagement; encourages all constructive decision making, discourages all destructive behavior and thinking; honors all relationships and directs you towards those individuals with whom you must become engaged.

Knowledge ignites Knowledge. Thus, the man or woman of Knowledge is the most potent force in the world. Their contribution will be immediate, profound and lasting. Though their activities may be great, or very modest and mundane, everything they do will be imbued with Knowledge, and therefore they will demonstrate God’s Presence in the world.

When We speak of the greatness of Knowledge, therefore, do not think that We speak of your taking on a great role in the world. For Knowledge expresses itself in the most simple activity, in the simplest gesture, in the most mundane action, in the simplest life, in the most humble work. It is not what you do then. It is the experience that you convey by doing it.

You must learn then to desire Knowledge and develop a capacity for experiencing Knowledge. It is the same with meaningful relationship. You must develop a desire for it and a capacity for experiencing it.


Part of developing a capacity is releasing those things that occupy you now that prevent you from having this experience. For if you are already burdened with your own necessities, how can you possibly receive a new experience? If your mind is completely enslaved to its own judgments and unforgiveness, how can it possibly receive the experience of grace and happiness? If you are certain of what another is, how can you possibly experience their reality?

Thus, the reclamation of Knowledge is more an unlearning than a learning. It is more of giving up what is painful than acquiring new assets. It is entirely natural, so it does not deprive you of anything that is meaningful or useful. It is entirely natural, and therefore it does not require or depend entirely upon your self-control and self-development, though these things are necessary.

Knowledge gives you great power and authority in the world, but requires humility as well because you will always know that your mind is serving a greater power. And though you will be asked to exert far greater dominion over your body and your mind, you will know that they are in service to a greater power, which is beyond your control or definition. Thus, you are given all power and authority to become sovereign in your own domain. And yet, you see that your domain is to express a greater domain of which you are a part.

This, then, ends Separation because it ends the competition for power. For without God, you will try to be God. You will try to determine your needs and fulfill them. You will try to control your environment. You will try to control others to maintain your survival. You will try to change the world and the universe according to your preferences. You will try to exert your dominion over yourself. You will crucify yourself if you fail. You will give life and kill life according to your whims.

All activities are given great promise with Knowledge. All former errors are redeemed and given true direction with Knowledge. Knowledge is a living force within you. In fact, Knowledge is life within you. It is God within you. You are its first beneficiary. For Knowledge’s first exercise in your life is to bring harmony and balance in your life and to bring harmony and balance, therefore, in your relationships.

But the power of Knowledge, and the aim of Knowledge, is far greater. For your gifts that you have brought from your Ancient Home are not for you. They are for others. And it will take engagement with others to bring them forth from you, for alone you cannot gain access to them. They are like a hidden treasure within you, for which another holds the key. And likewise you hold the key for others’ treasures, for without you, they cannot find them themselves alone.

Knowledge abides with you at every moment, in every situation, every day, everywhere, and with everyone. As you learn to abide with Knowledge, as you are freed of your own condemnation and presiding thoughts, you will learn to have stillness. And with stillness, you will develop discernment, for you will be able to see and hear and use your body as an instrument of detection and an instrument of communication.

Instead of punishing your body to carry out the harsh thoughts of your mind, your body will become an instrument through which you may discern that which is genuine from what is unreal. You will be able to confirm what is truthful, and you will be able to bring healing into that which is divided.

It will be increasingly difficult to make a mistake with Knowledge as Knowledge becomes a more powerful force within your conscious awareness. Even unconsciously, Knowledge is exerting its influence on your behalf, guiding you in your decision-making and so forth.

Yet once you learn to accept Knowledge and to abide with Knowledge, its power becomes ever more manifest within you. You will see the outcome of relationships before you start. You will know if you should initiate relationships with others. You will discern a healthy productive relationship with the world. You will begin to learn the difference between fear and caution, for fear is the projection of negative imagination upon the world, whereas caution is merely the awareness that an error can be made—entirely different experiences they are from one another.

You need caution but not fear, for caution will not exasperate your mind or undermine your Knowledge in any way. It a healthy approach to the world, for it is the approach with discernment and awareness.


Therefore, seek Knowledge within yourself, seek Knowledge in your relationships with others, seek Knowledge in your relationship with the world, and all these things will give Knowledge to you in return and show you the difference between Knowledge and everything that masquerades as Knowledge, and show you the difference between Knowledge and everything that is a cherished belief.

For Knowledge and thinking must be distinguished. Though productive thinking emanates from Knowledge, it can in no way compete for it in power or authority. For your thinking is peculiar to you, but Knowledge is shared by all.

Thus, the greatest contribution is imbued with Knowledge. Whether it is a thought, a physical creation; whether it is a form of art or science; whether it is a social or political establishment, it will be imbued with Knowledge.

A life that becomes imbued with Knowledge is a life that shines forever in the world. This is Christ-hood. This is the life of a man or a woman whose Knowledge begins to shine into every aspect of their endeavor, their mental life and their physical life. They have been fully ignited.

There are no great individuals, but there are great relationships, for the ignition of Knowledge and the emanation of Knowledge only happens in relationship. Think not an individual can be great. An individual can only be great in the context of relationship, for there are only great relationships.

You are great because of the extent of your relationship with another, but you are truly great because of your relationship with your Spiritual Family, and you are ultimately great because of your relationship with God.

As We proceed on in Our book, We will illustrate the many ways in which Knowledge expresses itself, and We will illustrate as well the many ways in which you can begin to cultivate Knowledge within yourself by learning to discern Knowledge from your preferential thinking, and by learning to allow Knowledge to serve you in every instance, which it wills to do.

You will see, then, as We proceed that the answer is within you already. It only requires that you have meaningful engagement with others to bring the answer forth. It will also show you why you cannot find the truth on your own, why you cannot find your spiritual reality on your own, why you cannot answer the question of who you are and why you are here on your own, but only through meaningful engagement with others can these things be known and these questions be answered.

This will ultimately give harmony, balance and comprehension to your life in the known and will speak of your relationship with the unknown, which is the greater arena of relationship beyond your current sphere, which waits for you beyond this world.

For to comprehend the value of your destiny, even if you cannot comprehend your destiny itself, will give you all encouragement, for you are working towards something of the greatest magnitude. To know this will give you all courage in the world, for in no way can the world deprive you of that which is great.