How to Hear from God

How to Hear from GodGreat change is occurring in the world and it will continue for decades. For this reason, the same God who spoke to Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad in ancient times is speaking to humanity today:

The human family has created an environmental calamity that has the power to undermine its civilization—a calamity of many factors; a calamity that will alter your environment, that will deplete your soils, that will dry up your rivers; a calamity that will bring an end to your growth and expansion.  – Read more of this revelation

This is your opportunity to hear from God. God’s warnings and blessings are for every person on Earth, and are now available, without charge, without waiting, and without initiation. Hear a new message from God who does not care what religion you practice:

The world needs a New Revelation. For Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world. – Read more of this revelation

Read God Has Spoken Again and learn how to hear from God…


Who Received this Message from God?

Marshall Vian Summers in London to Hear from GodMarshall Vian Summers has given the last 41 years of his life to receiving and quietly teaching the New Message from God.

In 1982, a series of profound revelations were received by Marshall Vian Summers in the deserts of the American Southwest. Ever since, this revelation has continued, growing ever wider in scope.

Over the decades, a vast Revelation for humanity has unfolded, at times slowly and at times in great torrents. During many of these long years, he has had to proceed with the support of only a few individuals, not knowing what this growing Revelation would mean and where it would ultimately lead. Read more about the Messenger…

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