Revelations for the World

God’s New Message for the World

  • Humanity is facing converging Great Waves of change which include, environmental decline, diminishing resources, climate change, economic and political instability and the resulting risk of competition, conflict and war.
  • Humanity is facing competition and intervention from alien races from beyond the world who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.
  • The New Message is not here to compete with the world’s religions but to give them a broader vision and a new hope so that their contributions to humanity may grow and be relevant in a changing world.
  • Humanity has allies in the Universe who are not intervening in human affairs, but who instead have sent their wisdom to educate humanity about the realities of life in the universe and the steps that must be taken to offset the Intervention that is occurring in the world today.
  • Humanity must establish its own Rules of Engagement and Ethics of Contact regarding all present and future visitation to the Earth.
  • Humanity will need new Knowledge and Wisdom in order to rescue human civilization in a declining world and to prepare for the complexities of life in the Universe.