The Hidden Threat of Intervention

The Hidden Threat of Intervention

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Beyond the Great Waves, you have the hidden threat of intervention and competition from races from the Greater Community, the larger arena of intelligent life in the Universe. Some of these forces are already intervening in the world—positioning themselves to assume the reins of power, presenting themselves as humanity’s great friends, establishing their networks of support and their legion of representatives in order to influence public opinion. They will position themselves as the noble saviors of humanity and, in some cases, even the parents of humanity, weaving its tentacles into the human fabric, creating a hybrid individual capable of advising and eventually leading the human family—an individual with no human allegiance whatsoever, an individual with no compassion, respect or empathy for humanity.

This is how a foreign race that does not possess military power can gain control of a large world full of violent and conflicted individuals. These intervening races will support humanity’s decline. They will undermine the strength of the strongest nations, setting them in competition and conflict with one another, encouraging human conflict by promising certain leaders of nations and religions world dominance. Humanity is easily misled. It is divided. It is superstitious. It is ignorant of life beyond the world, life in the Greater Community of worlds, life in the Universe.

All the Intervention needs is time for humanity to weaken itself to such a point that the Intervention can present itself, either publicly or behind the scenes, to gain the reins of power. If that should take place, then humanity will have lost its greatest asset—its freedom and its self-determination.

You can see already how difficult it is to face these things and how weak you are in your inability to face them. You may be physically strong. Maybe you can run ten miles. Maybe you can assert yourself in your business affairs. Maybe you are very strong in your viewpoint. But emotionally and psychologically you can see here how weak and incapable you are, how much you want to avoid the reality of change before you, how much you insist upon solutions, how much you go into denial, how easily you can fall into hopelessness and how much you protest and rage against other peoples and governments, while being unable to simply look and face the Great Waves of change.

The New Message from God is here to prepare you, but to prepare you, it must warn you. If you do not see the gravity of the problem, you will not recognize the significance of the solution. If you do not see that you really do not have an answer for all of these things, then you will not be in a position to accept the grace, the power and the guidance that God has placed within you. If you will not accept the reality, then you will not recognize the remedy.

From Chapter 10 of the Great Waves of ChangeThe Great Waves and the Hidden Reality of Contact