The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey

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This is the greatest journey. Travel around the world again and again and you will not take such a great journey as this. It is a journey that deepens you and expands your perception. It is a journey that changes your priorities and values simply because it is natural for them to change. It is a journey that takes you beyond who you thought you were and what you thought you were here for. As you pass through the thresholds, you will pass through times of uncertainty and confusion and through times of reorientation and reintegration.

To continue, you must persevere. You persevere when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it, when you are happy and when you are sad, when you are encouraged and when you are discouraged, when you are certain and when you are uncertain. Others will quit along the way because they cannot differentiate themselves from their ideas and their feelings. Yet, you persist because Knowledge keeps you going. Here you are strong with Knowledge and Knowledge is strong in you. Others may fall away because they need to go somewhere else. They are just passing through. But if this is meant for you, you must persevere. How do you know if it is meant for you? Because you know to persevere. You give yourself to this. You do not give yourself up to this. You give yourself to this. There is a very great difference.

From Wisdom from the Greater Community, Vol II, Perseverance. Register for the Free School to continue reading.

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