The great truth and power of the human heart

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We believe in the great truth and power that exist in the human heart, or we would not have made the long journey to come here, or placed ourselves at such great risk to spend these years observing the Intervention and its activities. Your Allies believe in the promise of humanity.

However, such respect you will find rare in the Greater Community. For as is true in so many places, your value and your worth will be determined by what you own, what you can trade, what you can sell, what you can surrender. This is life. This is nature. Technology does not change this. You must learn this. If you believe that technology is your salvation, you will be saved for another race who is technologically superior to you.

Please hear our words here. We speak from great experience. We cannot prove these things to you until you can see them yourself. And when you see them yourself, it will be so obvious! The Intervention is so obvious! But who can see it? From your vantage point, it is far more difficult to recognize. And until you can have a Greater Community education and perspective, until you learn about the realities of the Greater Community, how can you possibly understand? Your heart will know, but can you listen?

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