The Great Need for Discretion

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Your world is being watched. Your governments are being watched. Your conflicts are being watched. Your trade and commerce are being watched. Your tendencies are being watched, both by your allies and by those who would seek to exploit you.

In the future, should you gain a greater unity and should you be able to sustain the use of your world, the development of this discretion will become essential. For indiscretion is always exploited in nature. It always makes one vulnerable in nature, and the universe is a natural environment, fundamentally.

Ultimately, no one on the outside should know what is going on in your world, not even your allies or potential friends. They will respect this discretion. They will expect it, and they will understand it.

From The Allies of Humanity, Book Three.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on February 20, 2013 at 11:06 am

    There is a permanent record being made of everything pertaining to human activities as it happens. This includes and goes beyond the “akashic records” to record alien activities as well. This permanent record is needed because of the conflicting objectives of the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ sides on our planet. It is also instrumental in the periodic judgments which occur regionally and, less frequently, globally. We are now just entering a global judgment period, the first part of which will be ending in the middle of this century. We are in as serious position in 2013 as the world was in 1913. Who could have predicted the course of events from 1913 to 1953 (the end of the Korean War)? Look forward to the next 40 years with sobriety and humility.

  2. Michael D. Howard Posted on February 20, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Sorry this is were I have another problem with Allies materials and comments. From everything I can observe ET’s or elements of what you term the “Greater Community” are already a part of and interact with elements operating within governments of various nations.

    The Allies material in this respect is a little like certain of those TV UFO shows that assert this all just happened, UFO sitings , beginning in 1947 in terms of public awareness. If you look at newspapers and journals in the 1800’s you will see that is not the case.

    As an aside and apropo to the subject I do not subscribe to the popular theory that humanity was created by these same ET groups. That is a false story they disseminate. Nothing in our Genome that I have reviewed indicates that. Review the DNA genetic tracing of the integration of Neanderthals of Europe and the interbreeding that occurred with the human species from Africa. Here we find the long term historical record that shows our current human form and being came through this process. Dominant African gene drew from the Neanderthals and vise verse. Also the story that they , ET’s , gave writing in Ancient Sumner is false. Check the web and you will find that writing and all those other things like math developed not in one instant of time but to over several hundred years.

    So why an I raising this point. Simple. The so called Greater Community are not passively interacting. They will not keep their distance if asked. Any coming planetary change climate wise is not the reason for their coming. They are already here and have made their mark via deception over a period of thousands of years of earth history. Some times movies imitate facts. It is like that book titled ” Everything is this book is a lie but it is how things really are.” I invite you to reflect on the movie, “They Live” by John Carpentar.

    The battle is already over. Earth wise, ‘Been their done that”. Save warfare (reflect on the last TV version of the series V the Visitors) or by some intervention from a Messiah like character, like in the Movie Dune, it is all over with. To quote that phrase “Resistance is Futile” Except this:

    A Spiritual battle in which Wisdom and Knowledge (Ref Proverbs 8:8) will be the deciding factor. That means knowing the true history of the long ongoing intervention. Not the so called potential one the Allies speak of. I have not yet read a true accounting in Allies material so if there is one please enlighten me.

    Peace & Blessings Always and the Truth be reveled by and through The Golden Light of That Which Caused All Stings to begin their emination spring from the mists of Eternity,

    Mike H.

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