The Gift that Reverberates through Time and Space

The Gift that Reverberates through Time and Space

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Marshall Vian Summers in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Marshall at the ruins of the temple of Ta Prom, northern Cambodia

Marshall Vian Summers gives a blessing for 2012 and speaks on the challenge and opportunity now before us as we receive the New Message from God.

Delivered at the 2012 New Years Broadcast on 12/31/11.



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We are entering a new chapter of the human journey and experience on Earth. And it will be rigorous, but it will be special, and it will call forth from many people a greater sainthood that they carry within them like a seed.

It does not matter what religious faith you adhere to, what nation you live in, what culture has shaped your life, what your temperament is, or how you are configured as an individual—this gift is within you.

And it will take this gift within you to hear these words, and to hear the words of Revelation, for these are not words for the intellect. This is not an intellectual enterprise. This is not part of an ongoing debate.

Let those who cannot experience argue the points and take issue with the Proclamation, for the Proclamation does not adhere to what humanity thinks or what are the customs of our beliefs, or long held attitudes and assumptions of the human family, for God is not bound to these things.

And so it is our challenge to meet the Revelation. It will not come down the mountain for us, and yet the Revelation speaks in simple terms. Even your young children can study it in its elemental form.

It is not clothed in anecdotes or stories or pastoral themes, which can be so easily misunderstood and misconstrued. It is given very plainly, very simply. And if you have begun to discover the Revelation, you will see that there is a great deal of repetition, so that its essential themes can continue to be presented for us, so that on the 20th hearing, we finally hear.

I have to keep listening so I can hear because the world deadens these greater abilities. Our eyes are clouded. Our ears are full of our own internal noise and the demands and expectations of others so that which the Creator has endowed us with remains still and seemingly silent and beyond our normal range. But ever present and ever ready, there is a strength beyond anything that we can think of or know of.