The Danger of Trinkets from Space

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Freedom and self-sufficiency are intertwined. If you are not self-sufficient, you will not be free. Even if you were able to gain from others access to those resources to which you have become accustomed and upon which you have built the infrastructure of your new society, you would lose your freedom. You would lose any leverage you have over how you will engage with others and what the terms of that engagement will be.

This represents an essential understanding that you must have in approaching the Greater Community. Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded.

To introduce new sources of power into your world would make you dependent upon those who are here to take advantage of the world for their own purposes. Humanity has not gained the unity yet to use its technology for entirely beneficial purposes. You do not need more powerful weapons now. You do not need more destructive weapons. The use of weapons in space is so very limited. That is not how you will gain advantage or protection in the Greater Community. Learning this represents a more mature phase of humanity’s evolution. Here it will be persuasion and perception, freedom and a deeper Knowledge that will assure your well being, not the use of force.

Read more about wise engagement in our region of space in the Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Second Briefing.

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