The Great Undoing

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From Courage and the Will to Prepare.

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The student of Knowledge is in a process of undoing things they have already set in motion and breaking free of false expectations, goals, plans and desires. They do not become ascetic here; they simply become honest—basic, simple, deep honesty. It is not a lifestyle. You are not giving up all pleasures; you are not withdrawing from the world; you are not living a life of extreme abstinence. You are just becoming honest, to the point where you are no longer lying to yourself and to other people, and to the point where you can see your tendency to do this and can correct it and objectify it within your own experience. To prepare requires courage. You must face things you have not faced before. You must consider things you have not considered before. You must question your beliefs and your assumptions, and the beliefs and assumptions of your culture, your family and even your religion, if necessary. You find this courage because it is coming from a deeper place within you beneath the surface of the mind—beneath the turbulent, confused and chaotic surface of your mind, into a deeper place where there is certainty, wisdom, and Knowledge.

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