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THE ART OF SEEING – Other Revelations: God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but this seeing and this hearing is very different from what you are accustomed to, for your sight is dimmed by the confusion of your mind and by the myriad of impressions from the world that you have been accumulating for so very long. Your ears are dull, they are only attuned to certain things and they only listen to certain things. And so while you have the natural endowment, in varying degrees in people, in almost all cases these endowments have not really been cultivated and applied wisely and appropriately. God is giving you the greater intelligence of Knowledge to guide you. But for you to develop your ability to follow Knowledge and to experience it and to express it effectively in the world, in a world where Knowledge is not recognized or appreciated, you must develop these skills.

As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
On April 11, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado

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