The Answer is a Greater Intelligence

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No matter how confounding the problems of the world, no matter how confounding the issues and problems you may see within yourself, God has provided an answer, and the answer is the greater intelligence that is here to move your life in a new direction.

You cannot use Knowledge to enrich yourself, to get what you want, to overcome others, but you can follow Knowledge to learn how to build a new foundation in your life.

Allow Knowledge to show you what is important and to restore to you your self-confidence and your ability to understand others, your ability to experience and to express love and the greater wisdom that Knowledge will provide for you in learning how to navigate a difficult and changing world. No matter how confounding the problems may seem to be and your inability to understand or to resolve them, there is Knowledge within you.

  • The above passage is from the Revelation “The Power of Knowledge” which is the focus of study and contemplation in this month’s Free School.  The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others. Enroll and participate in the Free School today!
Author: MarkB