The Allies Presence and Perception

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There is so much deception in the world that you live in, and in many other worlds as well, that the truth, though apparent and obvious, goes unrecognized, and its signs and messages go undetected. We, therefore, hope that our presence can help clarify the picture and help you and others to see what is truly there. We do not have these compromises in our perception, for we were sent to witness the very things that we are describing.

Over time, perhaps you would be able to know these things on your own, but you do not have this kind of time. The time now is short. Humanity’s preparation for the appearance of forces from the Greater Community is far behind schedule. Many important people have not responded. And the intrusion into the world has accelerated at a far greater pace than was originally thought to be possible.

We come with little time to spare, and yet we come with encouragement for you to share this information.

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

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