What Should I Tell My Children?

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You must prepare your children, for they will be living in a world of ever greater change and difficulty. You strengthen them not by telling them what is coming, but by strengthening their connection to Knowledge, by teaching them the difference between fantasy and reality, by helping them to discern the nature of their own strengths and weaknesses, by sharing with them the wisdom that you have learned in life and by showing them where they can gain greater wisdom through the experiences of others.

This is an immense gift to your children. But your greatest gift is through demonstration—the integrity and the quality of the life that you determine and that you choose and how you respond to the demands of life. This is the greatest gift to your children. If you are weak and compromised, that is what you will teach them. If you are self-deceiving,  that is what you will teach them. If you capitulate to the expectations of others, that is what you will teach them.

Yet if you truly can see, if you truly can know and can truly take action, this is what you will teach them. If you recognize that life is changing and moving and that you must change and move with it, that is what you will teach them. If you can experience the power and the presence of Knowledge within yourself and express this and act upon this, that is what you will teach them. They are looking to you to teach them either wisdom or folly, self-respect or self-deception. You are a leader in this regard.

Passage from The Great Waves of ChangeChapter 14, Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action.

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